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"Lame sauce..."



April 30, 2015 – Comments (0)

, that's because I have been away for over a year. read recent commentary by chief spiffy that not only does he 'play' CAPS, but references it and chooses CMF teammates from the all-star ranks. I have been just below the all-star threshold for a long time. however, my CAPS picks are old picks (not necessarily sold, just old and cold) and with new 'picks' (read real money) so far in calendar year 2015, including today's 1.5%+- haircut, I'm up roughly 15% in portfolio value. If I had been making calls over the past 6 months, I'm rather sure I would be 'all-star' status. (see - INBK, XPO, SWKS, SKX, WETF, BOFI, WAB, AMBA, ELLI, AMZN, etc). In the 2015 SA Challenge, I held the number one position for over a month, but oh how the might have fallen, I now sit around 25th (out of 280+ challengers, that is still top 10%). In the 2015 RB Challenge, I sit around the same mark, but there are far fewer challengers, which equates to about the break of the first and second thirds.

Now, will I take time and make time to be here? Over a year ago I said I would, then I didn't. "Lame Sauce!" Already juggling 5 services, around a hundred boards, a mission or two, (oh yeah and a wife, family, mother's trust, and work), now add the CAPS ball into the rotation...?!?! I'd really want to...

Well they're balls, not eggs, so if I drop one, it bounces, not cracks! I pick it back up, and I start the act all over again.

No time like the present for two new calls matching real money work before todays close, SWKS and ELLI,


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