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"Pay for Performance" is one reason The Fool likes 5 Categories



September 24, 2009 – Comments (0)

Why would anyone pay for bad investment advice? Yet everyday people pay newsletters, advisors, and even funds for advice that may not pay off, let alone cover the cost of the subscription. 


5 Categories changes that, with our revolutionary Pay for Performance model. You only pay once the returns exceed the S&P by 12% since the day you join (and 12% per year starting in year 2).  This is not just about making you comfortable with my system – its about revolutionizing the way investment services work. If I am not delivering the superior results, I don’t get paid.  Simple as that. 


However, I am very confident in the 5/C system, and know that the returns will exceed your expectations.  As well, this Pay for Performance model ensures your portfolio returns will be far in excess of the S&P returns, even after service costs (assuming portfolio size of at least $25,000).


And in the future, this Pay for Performance continues. Once you’ve been a member for 12 months, you don’t pay unless the system has maintained an annualized 12% outperformance vs. the S&P 500.


For example, had you joined in January 2009, your total returns as of today (Sept 19) would be 65.2%, but you wouldn’t have owed a dime to me until that portfolio performance had exceeded the S&P 500 by 12%.  For 2009, I hit that mark in May (and never looked back).


I encourage you to investigate further, and provide all the details of my Pay for PerformMyance model, as well as my 5|C system at


My foundation as an investor came from spending thousands of hours exploring investment strategies right here with the Fool community.  The idea of this project is to allow the same, building a vibrant dialogue while also giving you an investable strategy, 18 stocks at a time, which will deliver spectacular results.

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