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Raising the Value by Lowering the Costs



April 07, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: B , FF.DL2

of developing renewable energy resources. Capitalists, who in recent years have been dumber than Government when it comes to asessing cost and benefit analysis, have been freely given a brand new tool to help calculate risk.

Many energy developers have complained that every time they spend the money to plan a project they are blindsided by environmental activists who wish to stop all development, curtail all progress and generally just exist to monkey wrench legitimate capitalist enterprise. The ensuing legal battles between developers and environmentalist then drive up costs, and inevitably lead to name calling and other childish behaviors.

Environmentalists will tell you that all the Capitalist Pigs have to do is just ask them before they begin planning and they will tell the capitalist if the spotted salmander resides in the hoped for back yard development. Just asking they say, would avoid alot of heated battles.

In an ungodly union of Capitalist Pigs (Google) and Anti Progress Environmentalists Stupids (Also Google ) the National Resources Defense Council has used Google Earth to map the American West and locate upon that map the most environmentally sensitive areas. This creates a savings for Capitalist Pigs who no longer have to be surprised by environmentalists opposing their projects. The Capitalist Pigs can now visit the NRDC for a link to the Google Earth map, having never learned to dial the NRDC at (212) 727-7200 to find out the same cost saving information.

;-) David in Qatar and I can now discuss whether this represents "Wealth Creation" or  "Wealth Transfer" until the cows come home, but whatever it isn't, it is free help to the developers, and in my opinion a loss of equal financial value to the lawyers on both sides of this issue - "Wealth Transfer".

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