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April 01, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , LUK , GRMN

When the market goes south, I "go away".   I curb my emotions by largely ignoring what's happening, just checking in once a week or so in case one of my stocks is rapidly tanking  (obviously I'm a buy-and-hold guy, not a trader).  It's just too easy to make a bad emotional play when things go down.  I make fewer mistakes when I do too little than when I do too much.

But now I'm looking again.  It looks like most stocks are priced for their short-term, rather than long-term value, though I'd wait until August or so to be fully invested.  Here's what I've been finding and doing in real life:

I sold the rest of my Garmin, having sold half of it at its top last fall.  Moat issues.

Big mistake buying KHD near its top last October ($41!), I think I'll double my holdings now that it's on sale.  

Buy Apple before their upcoming earnings report!

I put LUK on my watch list last spring and it soared before I could buy it.  I just bought it last week.  I also just re-invested in Vanguard's REIT fund after selling it near the peak 14 months ago (and even though I expect housing prices to drop another 10%).

My favorite stocks on my watch list:  MTW, BUCY, FCX.

I like WFR long term as a solar play, but not at the moment.  August?  Summer or fall should also be a good time to pile up the financial stocks too, though they could begin to soar (or they could continue to collapse) before then.

2nd tier: NVDA, GFA, GOOG 

3rd tier: See my Caps list. 

Wild card (fund):  CGMFX 

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