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Reasons to buy PRMW now; Value, creativity, Growth,Growth and Growth.



November 17, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: PRMW , RAS

Reasons to buy PRMW now; Value, creativity and Growth, Growth, and Growth.

1. Discount from IPO of more than 70 percent. Currently selling for half of book value. I agree with UL that current pricing along with future growth prospects may make Primo an attractive buyout canidate.

2. Creativity. Primo is adding creative and user friendly appliances which should increase their streams of revenue (growth) and make Primo a household name.

3. Growth. Primo is increasing their revenue growth, sales growth and expanding locations. This does not take into account growth from their new and expanding revenue streams.  

4. PRMW could explode if they expand the Flavorstation and product lines to Wal-mart and Target.  However, I am not expecting anything overnight. I would actually prefer steady year over year growth until I can accumulate a larger position.

5. Primo should be profitable in 2012. 

Thanks UL for bringing this to my attention. I recently bought shares in RL. Making RAS and PRMW my only RL positions.  

 Here is a video introducing the Primo Flavorstation 100.  

Link for Primo Flavorstation on Lowes website.  Notice the 5 star reviews.  

 This link is advertising the new Primo Flavorstation 500 being released in January 2012.



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