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Rebirth of the American Technophile



April 25, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , BBY , WMT

Actually now that I think about it, did he/she ever even really leave us?  I mean we are talking about folks that are OK with skipping out on a mortgage payment or two, even "strategically defaulting" but you're gonna have to pry that iPhone from their cold, dead hands.  Well, nevermind either way.  I am not trying to throw anyone under the bus here.  I just went to Best Buy yesterday to do my little part in building the momentum for the comeback of the century.  Truth be told I was pretty impressed with the traffic in the store.  There were a buncha folks looking at all sorts of stuff.  I needed a new laptop (hey don't old one was born in 2001 and couldn't keep up with today's technology.  I know!  2001!) and was happy to see some pretty good deals going still.  I read a good article the other day in TWSJ that was talking about how a lot of retailers have seen a solid bounce in stock prices over the past quarter, however Best Buy has lagged a little bit.  It seems that the main concern was over competition (specifically Wal Mart), but now that Target is going to carry the Kindle I guess they should be thrown in there as well.  The thinking going forward though is that Best Buy should start to see some real benefits from people trading up to bigger and better gadgets, so they are starting to price accordingly to attract traffic; big flat screens are a good example.  I don't know about you, but I am going to tend to buy most any tech items at Best Buy anyway.  The company expects to see a boost in margins from warranty/coverage purchases and installations as well with all of this expected upgrading.  Should be interesting to see.  I was also kind of surprised to see the services they offered (for a price of course) as a part of the laptop purchase experience.  I personally did not need or want any of this stuff (think set-up, back-up, configuration work, installation, etc.), but I guess I never really gave thought to the fact that there are plenty of folks out there who either need the help, or just want to save the time and have someone else do it for them.

Either way, pretty cool.  I like my new computer...

TMFJMo (no position in any companies mentioned)

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