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Reedickullus gov benefits for rat politicians like WINKY WEINER



June 18, 2011 – Comments (0)

Rep. Anthony Weiner may be resigning in shame, but he'll leave Capitol Hill with the same golden parachute afforded to all members of Congress who leave public service.


Having been in Congress since 1999 and a staffer in the '80s, Weiner will be eligible for a congressional pension of up to $46,224 each year, according to the National Taxpayers Union, which calculates all congressional pensions. He'll eventually be eligible to collect the balance of his Congressional Thrift Savings Plan, which is currently $216,011. And he'll be able to keep his high-quality health-care package, at his own expense, until November 2012.


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Congressional pensions are considered extremely generous. A member becomes fully vested after five years, and pays only 20 percent of his own benefits (the other 80 percent comes from taxpayers). At 46, Weiner is not yet eligible for his pension, but he'll be allowed to access a portion when he turns 56, or the full amount if he waits until he's 62.

Seriously when will there be real change so punks and pukes like him who leave in disgrace get nothing other than what they have already stolen and raped from  we the citizens ?

How about an ethics clause ?  instead we have golden coffins guaranteeing bogus bloated payments  for what exactly ?   so  he and his sick kind can sexually  talk to voters  and under age  soon to be voters ?

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