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RELAX............Don't Worry



February 24, 2008 – Comments (0)

It's only the subprime borrowers.

It's only the Alt A borrowers.

It's only the no money down reverse amortization borrowers.

It's only those with Home Equity Loans.

Its only people with excessive Credit Card debt.

It's only those people who borrowed too much on their vehicles.

It's only the borrowers that put less than 80% down on their homes.

It's only the borrowers that purchased homes in the last five years.

It's only private equity deals.

It's only those people that borrowed money and own commercial RE.

It's only municipalities that need to borrow money.

It's only banks that made loans to people, corporations, or municipalities.

It's only insurance companies that invested in loans to people, corporations, or municipalities.

It's only pension funds and retirement accounts that invested in loans.

So as long as you are not a person, business, or live in a municipality, and have no relationship with a bank, insurance company, or retirement plan, then you can relax and not be concerned about the increasing severity of the credit crisis.

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