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Remember Agendia?



August 28, 2007 – Comments (0)

Back in February I commented on Agendia in this blog (Ever Heard of Agendia?).  I also made mention in an article about Affymetrix.   I thought and think that their FDA clearance of an expression array that looks at breast cancer tissue and scores the 'aggressiveness' of the cancer was a big deal.  -- MammaPrint® is the first multi-gene expression test to receive market clearance by the FDA -- The first of a coming flood of array based medical diagnostics.  Affy is in the game, having opened a center for clinical diagnostics, but slow out of the starting gate (good horse though, might not bet on it yet but wouldn't bet against it).

 Why mention this again. Well this news blurb crossed my path today. 

Agendia Pockets $34M in Fourth VC Financing Round

Bank-insurer ING becomes a shareholder, though Agendia would not disclose the amount it invested. However, Agendia called it a “powerful and substantial shareholder.” Also participating in the round were current investors Van Herk Biotech, Gilde Healthcare Partners, and Gobal Life Science Ventures. 

Seems they have a few believers as well.  How long before this is public (or will a company like Roche snap it up?).

 The company website [ ] is a bit scant on what is in the pipeline.  There is a test (not yet FDA blessed) to help discover the source / type of a cancer, but I doubt this really requires gene profiling to determine (though it may be a cheaper way in the future - don't really know).  They also offer a whole genome array - but not much on what this tells you if you do it.

The mission however is clear.

It is Agendia's mission to provide cancer patients easy access to the latest findings in gene-based diagnostics and thus improve the patient’s quality of life by enabling effective personalized medicine.

 They have broken well from the gate anyway.

 Ralph (Zz)

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