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Remember Our Friend Jeff "Wakabayashi Fund" Stone?



January 29, 2009 – Comments (8)

Don't remember? This post is a classic introduction to him and his biz, "Wakabayashi Fund LLC."

Here's the latest news on some trouble he and his wife, Janet Diller Stone, had with the SEC.

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that on January 13, 2009, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York entered a final judgment against former Connecticut resident Janette Diller Stone (aka Janette Dillerstone) in which it ordered her to pay a total of $462,247.21 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest and a $60,000 penalty for her alleged involvement in a 2005 microcap market manipulation scheme. Diller Stone earlier agreed to a partial settlement of the Commission's charges in which, without admitting or denying the Commission's allegations, she consented to imposition of an injunction permanently enjoining her from violating the antifraud, registration, and other provisions of the federal securities laws.

This judgment follows the Court's entry of a default judgment on November 25, 2008 against Diller Stone's husband, Jeffery Steven Stone, a convicted felon, in which the Court found that Stone had violated the antifraud, registration, and other provisions of the federal securities laws. The Court permanently enjoined Stone from further securities law violations and ordered him to pay $462,247.21 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest and a $120,000 penalty. Stone and Diller Stone were ordered to pay the disgorgement and prejudgment interest together with two entities they controlled, Pedracar, Inc. and Crescent Fund, LLC, against which default judgments were entered in March 2007...

See Litigation Release No. 19805. (Emphasis is mine.)

Here's Jeff Stone's LinkedIn page. Here's Janet's.

Apparently, they're still working the Wakabayashi fund thing. Here's that webpage

An interesting snippet: Wakabayashi Fund's entire premise is based on established relationships and our reputation for consistently delivering relevant information and insight. Our extensive relationship database is the product of our efforts over the last 20 + years of working on Wall Street...

I didn't see anything in there about felony convictions or SEC judgments... Those are the kinds of relationships I expect might greatly interest potential clients.

A few other links are here. Use at your own discretion.

8 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On January 29, 2009 at 2:55 PM, EverydayInvestor (< 20) wrote:

Dear TMFBent,

Due to recent SEC litigation, my client, Wakabayashi Fund LLC has had to hide its ill-gotten gains off-shore in numbered Swiss bank accounts. To recover their money the owners of the fund need to find willing benefactors to withdraw the money and give it to them in cash. In exchange for your cooperation you will get a 30% commission.

Please let me know immediately. I believe that you are an trustworthy and fundamental person.

Yours most sincerely,
Michael Goode, Vice President The Most Wonderful and Secretive Swiss Bank in the World (TMWSSBW Bank)

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#2) On January 29, 2009 at 3:35 PM, TMFBent (99.31) wrote:

That's funny. You know, I answer every single one of those I get, and they never get back to me.

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#3) On November 10, 2009 at 1:43 PM, observer1988 (< 20) wrote:

In my opinion, based on her past behavior it is of no surprise that she has finally been caught doing what she does best..will leave the rest to the readers imagination

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#4) On July 13, 2012 at 11:59 AM, startrading (< 20) wrote:


Here you go... wanted to alarm you and update you all as to the new operation(s) of Jeff Stone and his criminal bride Janette Dillerstone. You will notice that Shruti is on the frontlines while Jeff is hiding behind the scenes, and in the LINKS below you will also notice Janette's involvement in the wordpress doc's.

All of the website design is perform by Dexter Daran... another one of Jeff's puppets.  You will notice that all three websites are very similar;, and  

All of this has been forward to the Sean McKessys - Chief  @ Office of Whistleblower of the SEC. You will notice they claim to deliver over two decades on Wall Street (110 Wall Street) just as Crescent Fund had claimed.

You may google Hong Kong Alliance Fund for yourself and dig for the succinct information you need to cover this news on these fraudsters.




McKessy / Lanet Scott,

Wanted to inform the SEC of the new company Jeff Stone / Janette Dillerstone (Wakabayashi Fund, LLC) have recently ramped up operations as the group moves forward in fraudulent schemes.According to Jeff Stone, the SEC will never seize any assets; claiming the United States Securities and Exchange Commission are (in polite words) weak. Further, Shruti has deployed a new Facebook profile... whom is also the Investor Relations department personnel at both Wakabayashi Fund, LLC and Chatterbox Call Center. Provided is arsenal for your help... 

Funding / Sponsorship Opportunity for your Company:We – HongKong Alliance Fund – are probably at the “top of the food chain” in terms of institutional placement capabilities within the small cap and micro cap markets.

We help publicly listed companies by introducing institutional investors globally, help fix a broken stock price, clear up overhang, change the complexion of a company’s market cap in short order, so that when we help procure funding, it is at much less dilutive terms. This is done through 6 months of a comprehensive agenda that we deploy for both IR / global market awareness and fundraising to create a material impact on a company’s position in the market. In other words, communicating to global investors with the objective of them going long your company’s stock in their portfolio as well as raise capital.

We assist private companies with capital raise and provide global market awareness by reaching out to institutional investors globally, only institutional – we do not deal with the retail – “mom and pop” individual investors. The agenda runs similar to that for the publicly listed companies.
We have a real franchise and a real mechanism to help get you in front of very fluid, very smart institutional investors that I am sure you would want to strive to get in front of-a mechanism for helping you move from point A-B. We utilize a comprehensive calling campaign which covers a multitude of jurisdictions- It enables us to reach out to institutional investors 24 hours a day 7 days a week with multiple language capabilities-U.S., Europe, Asia and to some extent, the Middle East.

Mail us at for more details....


Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited, a private equity firm with offices in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, provides corporate capitalization and institutional investor relations consulting services. Hong Kong Alliance Fund may...

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Scott, Lanet (Contractor) <<a href="" target="_blank">> wrote:

 Attached you will find an acknowledgement letter for the additional information you provided in connection with TCR Submission 1310029271847.  Please let me know if you have any difficulty viewing this document.

 Lanet Scott

 From: Scott, Lanet [mailto:ScottL@SEC.GOV

Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 1:46 PM
To: Scott, Lanet (Contractor)
Cc: Scott, Lanet (Contractor)
Subject: Scanned document from Scott, Lanet

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#5) On August 23, 2012 at 7:12 PM, startrading (< 20) wrote:

Hong Kong Alliance Fund + Wakabayashi Fund + Chatterbox Call Center + Jeff Stone + Janette Dillerstone = Securities Fraud 

It is a matter of time... Jeff Stone & Janette Dillerstone will each serve a securities fraud prison terms. 

Hong Kong Alliance Fund? Who in the company has been on Wall Street for over twenty years? Jeff Stone !!! 

Jeffrey Stone, convicted fraud, runs SWWH? CXLLE? Hong Kong Alliance Fund? RETIRED from Wakabayashi Fund? Wrong! 

The Wakabayashi Fund is a major investor in SWWH. 

Chatterbox lists Tadaharu Wakabayashi as their Director of Business Development in Asia, and his bio indicates he's also the chairman of chairman of Wakabayashi Fund, LLC. How he can do both is unexplained, but hold that thought. 

The bio lists "Janette Dillerstone" as their managing director for Marketing. 

So, the Wakabayashi Fund is invested in SWWH, and their Chairman has a side job as their development director. Janette Dillerstone works as an executive. 

Now, read this: me-sort-of-financial-scam-considering-bringing-your-wif e-in-on-the-gig/#more-18127 

and this: e-sweethearts-idUSTRE63E2SV20100415 

Penny Stock Fraud come right to your doorstep. UNBELIEVABLE!!! 

I still have to work through all the permutations here - more to follow.

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#6) On October 04, 2012 at 3:40 AM, wfllc (< 20) wrote:

My side of the story to Motley Fool:


- Jeff Stone 

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#7) On October 04, 2012 at 3:43 AM, wfllc (< 20) wrote:

Paul Pintor a.k.a startrading ... Others who want to understand the other side:

Feel free to contact me for a much detailed history of any aspect including Paul Pintor criminal record, reason behind his posts all over the internet, etc. 

 - Jeff Stone 

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#8) On October 15, 2012 at 12:46 AM, wfllc (< 20) wrote:

Visit Blogs Of Jeff Stone to understand our side of the story to the negative publicity going on online.

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