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Researchers announce world record efficiency for organic photovoltaic module



September 24, 2012 – Comments (0)

I really like this technology. High Efficiency Panels (more expensive) are best suited to be mounted on heliostats to really maximize power generated thoughout the day. However there is so much surface area on buildings that just goes to 'waste' (getting heated by the sun, transmitting heat to the inside, which then requires cooling) and very low cost cells (like organic PVs have the potential to be) that can be printed/applied/(perhaps painted in the future) to new and existing strucutres will offset cooling costs and provide power. This is a good development.


Researchers announce world record efficiency for organic photovoltaic module
September 24, 2012
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Imec and the chemicals company Solvay have announced an organic photovoltaic module with a world-record certified efficiency of 5.5 percent. An optimum performance at module-level is a crucial step towards upscaling the production process and successful commercialization of organic photovoltaic cells. This result was achieved using a novel inverted bulk heterojunction architecture developed by imec in close collaboration with Solvay and a proprietary ActivInkTMsemiconductor from Polyera.

Imec's research program on organic solar cells tackles all the challenges to make the organic photovoltaic technology ready for market introduction. Imec developed a dedicated inverted bulk heterojunction architecture for polymer-based solar cells. This architecture simultaneously optimizes cell light management and increases device stability. After demonstrating excellent efficiency results at the cell level in 2011, imec and Solvay developed a process to integrate inverted bulk heterojunction solar cells in an efficient module that uses 95 percent of the aperture area to generate electricity. A module efficiency as high as 5.5 percent on a 16cm² aperture area was achieved, a world-record for organic photovoltaic modules.

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