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Retired Americans.....GO BACK TO WORK NOW!!!!



June 04, 2010 – Comments (0)

Our government has been incentivizing people not to produce and/or live off the government dole in increasing numbers for the past few years.......

The funny part is most of America is either retired, works for the government, or relies on a government check to survive.....and those that are working rely on the above for thier jobs.

Strange isn't it.....the productive Americans now rely on the non productive Americans for income........

And more and more productive Americans are losing their jobs, income, and/or access to credit.

This is simply what happens when you bail out the non productive segment and bankers and let the rest of the economy suffer with the burden of paying interest on a debt burden that no longer reflects the production.

Pretty soon, so few will be working that there will be little access to health care.....or food.....or recreation.......the production will have simply shut down.

What do you think is going to happen to all the production that ringed the coasts of Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.....and if you add it all up, that is a lot of production that is evaporating rapidly.

Somebody has to might as well be the lazy retired people.

This is about to get very interesting....Welcome to the Digital Age........

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