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Ron Paul Discusses Contagion, Gold, Goldman And The Fed



May 18, 2010 – Comments (0)

Great interview with Ron Paul on CNBC. Actually the word "interview" is used quite loosely here. It is Ron Paul making some excellent points to Sqawk Box's inane questions. Especially at the end, with Becky Quick's idiotic snarky comment about Ron Paul being bearish since 1971 and Ron Paul's excellent retort: That we was buying gold bullion at $35 an ounce because he realized what a trainwreck the Bretton Woods agreement was. Simply awesome.

Ron Paul Discusses Contagion, Gold, Goldman And The Fed
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/17/2010 09:29 -0500

The man who will soon be proven to have been right all along, Ron Paul, was interviewed on CNBC earlier discussing topics such as the Greek contagion, Goldman Sachs, surging gold and, of course, the Fed. Asked if this is just the beginning, the response is "Yes, this shouldn't surprise anybody, how long should we have been anticipating this? I have anticipated it since 1971, because the system that replaced Bretton Woods was an unviable system and this is proving the point, so this is the unwinding of the system and until we replace it with something you are going to continue to see this... You can't correct the problem of debt with creating more debt, expecting the Fed to endlessly create more money and credit. We are in for a lot more trouble as far as I can see." Can we grow our way out of this debt? "You'd have to cut taxes drastically and cut spending drastically. Politically you can't do that. People will resort to more spending, more deficits and more inflation of the money supply. If you see a GDP number go up, it is about equivalent to the money we have created - you don't have any more growth than the artificial stimulus of the money that we put in. We have not allowed the liquidation of debt, we have not allowed the elimination of the malinvestment still in the system."

Ron also says anger at Goldman should be focused at the Fed: "When the history of this time is written people will say - how in the world did they believe that a few people in a secret room can decide what interest rates should be, how much the money supply should be, who should fail, what worthless assets taxpayers have to buy. It is absolutely bizarre."

Lastly, Ron has a word of caution against those politicians who time after time vote to retain the Fed's secrecy: "The Fed is a big issue and those individuals in the Senate who votes against auditing the Fed, there will be a political price to pay for that just as much as those who voted for the bail out. Right now those who vote to enhance the Fed will get punished politically because the people are waking up and they realize that the Fed is the culprit."

Not surprisingly, Ron Paul is not too happy with the handling of the Vitter amendment. Yet Paul's conclusion is most insightful: "The markets are more powerful than governments, the markets are even more powerful than the Fed. We fixed the price of gold at $35 for years, but we knew the market couldn't sustain it. We knew the Bretton Woods agreement would break down. This is why we knew in 2000 that the dollar would crash in measurement toward gold."

Paul shuts up Becky Quick who makes fun of his bearishness on the market by saying he bought gold at $35, using the system against itself. "I am on a reserve gold standard, and I don't feel that badly about that, because my reserves are in pretty good shape, because I knew in 1971 that paper would lose its value. Now the gold surge recently as people are discovering that they are really printing money. You can expect a lot more price inflation."

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