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Ron Paul talks about Gold Standard, economy and politics (Video 30 Jan 08)



February 07, 2008 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , GG , SSRI

Ron Paul Teaser 5 minutes: 

FULL Interview with Congressman Ron Paul 30 Jan 08 39 Minutes:


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#1) On February 07, 2008 at 7:32 PM, abitare (29.51) wrote:

FYI - Ron Paul National Delegate Count Now 42 or More 

February 6, 2008

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – With the results of many of the “Super Tuesday” primaries and caucuses now finalized, the Ron Paul campaign is now projecting that it has at least 42 delegates to the national convention secured.

While much of the focus in yesterday’s Super Tuesday contests focused on preference poll numbers, Ron Paul caucus-goers were focused on securing delegates to the national convention.  With dedicated supporters and an organization focused purely on securing delegates, the campaign has secured more delegates to the national convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul than caucus straw polls might otherwise suggest.

According to campaign projections, a minimum of 24 delegates were won in yesterday’s contests.  When added to projected delegates coming from strong showings in Iowa (4), Nevada (8), Louisiana (3) and Maine (3), that brings the total delegate count to 42 delegates or more.

“Our goal has always been to walk into the national GOP convention with as many delegates as possible,” said Ron Paul 2008 campaign manager Lew Moore.  “The number of delegates we won yesterday could very well be the difference in a Convention where no one has a first-ballot majority.  With Dr. Paul’s home state of Texas coming up, we feel we can enter the convention with a substantial number of delegates.”

In an agreement first reported by West Virginia television station WSAZ, three Ron Paul delegates were secured through an agreement with the Mike Huckabee campaign at the West Virginia state convention early Tuesday.  Ron Paul delegates to the state convention swung their sizable support to Huckabee – putting Huckabee over the top – in exchange for the delegates.

According to campaign projections from last night’s results at least 3 delegates were won in Alaska, 5 delegates were won in North Dakota, 9 delegates were won in Minnesota, and 4 delegates were won in Colorado.

Additionally the results of the Louisiana Caucus may still change in favor of Ron Paul, where an ongoing legal challenge may result in most of that state’s delegates going towards Ron Paul after state GOP officials violated their own rules to improperly put delegates from other campaigns on the ballots.

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#2) On February 08, 2008 at 12:35 AM, AnomaLee (28.87) wrote:

LOL @ Ron Paul not really  caring about being a Republican...

I've tremendously respected Ron Paul before because of his uncanny willingness to discuss real issues that all the other polticians want to sweep under a rug... We might not be Russia but our country has been living behind an iron curtin...


 These videos you post make me respect this guy even more.

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#3) On February 08, 2008 at 5:04 AM, abitare (29.51) wrote:

Dr Paul is great. A one of kind, the US is lucky to have him. 

One of the best videos is Dr Paul speaking at google and the Google employees ask tough questions that Dr Paul did not dodge.

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#4) On February 08, 2008 at 9:08 AM, leohaas (30.08) wrote:

Yeah, the Gold Standard is a real good idea...

C'mon, it is in the same category as Communism: maybe at some point it was a good idea, but it has been tried and debunked. 

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#5) On February 08, 2008 at 3:10 PM, abitare (29.51) wrote:


Great timing, since Warren Buffett just annouced that the dollar will be worth $0 in five to ten years unless there are changes. You can get your wish of plenty of paper money.

Are you serious? It is hard to believe someone would be against sound money. Gold / silver has tripled in the last five years and the dollar is in free fall.

When a currency collapses the middle class is wiped out. To provide a sound currency should be the primary role of the govenment.

The US dollar has lost 96% of it's purchsing power since the creation of the FED. Gold was $35 an once in 1970 now it has climbed to $900 an once. Which would you rather own gold or paper?

What does the consititution guarantee? Gold and Silver only.

"In the future, I would predict that the U.S. dollar will decline," Buffett, the world's second-richest man, said Wednesday at a Canadian business conference in comments transcribed in the National Post. "I don't know what it will look like in the short term, but force-feeding the rest of the world $2 billion a day is inconsistent with a stable dollar."

FYI - Picture Soviet Money

Tons of Soviet Cash Dumped In A Field (PICS) — These bills were in circulation during the Soviet era, and became useless in the early 90s. Still collectors worldwide would be interested in these, it ’s strange to see somebody dump it, not trying to get some profit.

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#6) On February 08, 2008 at 4:46 PM, leohaas (30.08) wrote:

I should have expected you'd go off the deep end on this one.

I guess you did not follow the link I provided, so I'll summarize why the Gold Standard cannot be re-introduced in the US: there isn't enough gold in the world. If we go back to the Gold Standard, the US would be required to obtain more gold than there is in the whole world. And never mind that the Great Depression was partly caused and enormously exacerbated by the Gold Standard. It was NOT a coincidence that the recovery from the Great Depression started right after the US abandoned the Gold Standard.

Bottom line: the US returning to the Gold Standard (if at all physically possible--after all like I said before: there isn't enough gold in the world) will only turn the next recession into a depression, from which we could only emerge by abandoning the Gold Standard again!

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#7) On February 08, 2008 at 5:41 PM, abitare (29.51) wrote:


The FED system created excessive and easy credit under political pressure then the market collapsed, thirty years to recover from the depression. Japan had a similar bubble the market was cut in half and it has not recovered.

I am familiar with the fact that there is not enough gold / silver to support the $500-600 trillion in derevatives market and the $2 billion the US is borrowing everyday.

But there is plenty of alternatives, that the govenment could allow 

competing currencies and end the FED monopoly. Allow people to protect their wealth themselves, with a hard asset currency. is a good example.   

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#8) On February 11, 2008 at 2:34 PM, leohaas (30.08) wrote:

"I am familiar with the fact that there is not enough gold / silver to support the $500-600 trillion in derevatives market"

That was not what I meant when I said there isn't enough gold in the world for the US to go to the Gold Standard. What I meant was that there isn't enough gold in the world to support all cash (~$7.5 trillion). All of the world's known gold adds up to less than $4 trillion at today's price. So even if the US obtains all gold in the world, only about half of our money could be replaced or backed by gold.

I am not saying that the FED is doing a good job, just that the Gold Standard is not a viable alternative. 

But feel free to buy Krugerrands, other gold coins, or even gold bars. Nobody keeps you from doing that. In the mean time, I will hold on to my dollars (and a small pension in euros).

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