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Rufus Paul Harris Resurfaces...



October 15, 2007 – Comments (0)

And involved with a real-estate scam. What a surprise.

Atlewa Trust was formed in 2004 in Adairsville, Ga., to be a partner in a proposed $175 million timber deal that never was completed, according to Rufus Paul Harris, who founded Atlewa with Woods and Ancil Garvin, a former Myrtle Beach resident.

Garvin, who now lives in Georgia, did not return a telephone message seeking comment.

Harris said he and Garvin left Atlewa after the timber deal fell through, and he doesn't know what Atlewa was involved in after that. Woods, however, continued to use the business name until at least early this year.

Harris said he last heard from Woods in the late winter or early spring, when he met his former business partner in Atlanta.

Woods, Harris said, wanted to discuss a real estate venture.

"[Woods] said he had $750 million in bonds loaded on Euroclear and he wanted me to help him find investors," Harris said.

Euroclear is a securities clearinghouse based in Brussels, Belgium.

Harris said the bonds Woods described "were supposedly supported by real estate projects that supposedly already had assets and the first phase of construction financing," Harris said. "The sale of the bonds was supposed to provide the rest of the financing for those projects."

Harris said Woods "had hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages for projects everywhere - a couple of them in South Carolina, Florida, a big one on the Baja Peninsula. The paperwork looked really good."

Harris said he grew suspicious of the deal when Woods would not provide documentation to prove his claims that Atlewa had $70 million in escrow.

"He just kind of blew over my questions and said he'd supply the information later," Harris said. "That's when I ended the meeting."

Harris said he never heard from Woods again.

"The last I heard of Duwayne, he was in Zurich [Switzerland] or Europe and he wasn't coming back to America," Harris said.

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