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Santa seen shopping at BTU? Wonder where the presents are going??



December 24, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: PLD , SAYCY.DL , BTU

The fake Santa's ringing the opening bell just couldn't do it for the market this year and the real Santa is not to be found!  Normally I like the low volume plays around the holidays.  Thanksgiving was a fun up until the bears came back to the market with indigestion.    I heard Santa couldn’t be seen on Wall Street this year, but I’m not sure if he was disappointed in his North Pole Holdings, or out doing some last minute positioning and shopping.

I saw some studies one time about how much Santa’s sleigh could hold.  The magical sleigh could hold many metric tons, but Santa still has to stop off at key locations around the world and restock.  I found out recently that he rented extra warehouse space from Prologis, (PLD) in several countries.  Apparently the word leaked out and PLD’s stock started screaming upward.  Seems Santa pays in Gold and Silver that he mines up North in the off season.  I asked some of my contacts at PLD to peak into Santa’s warehouse space.  One in New York reported a HUGE present the elves were moving with a crane that was labeled Madoff, the label on it simply said "PONZI this". Another warehouse in Greece held a meteor sized present labeled Economou, with a tag that said "Share this with Davy Jones" and several packages in India labeled Raju  with a cryptic note on them that only stated,  “this is what I SAY”.    There were several other packages seen addressed to a major bank in England that simply said "one lump or two you losers".  All of the packages were big enough to reportedly crush a house, or a large ship.

Unfortunately there were elves guarding many of the warehouses while they moved the material around on John Deere loaders and MTW cranes, so my spies couldn’t tell me whose name was on the gift tags.   When I asked them who was making deliveries to the warehouses several noted that  Peabody Energy  (BTU) recently made a delivery to some of the warehouses. I wonder what’s in those oversized presents and where else Santa might be making oversized deliveries?   Any suggestions???


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