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Varchild2008 (85.29)

(Sarcastic) Stop buying Sun Micro!!!! + GENCO



April 29, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: JAVA.DL , GENC

Stop Buying Sun Micro!!!  Bail out now!

This stock hasn't done anything .. this JAVA stock is a bum!!  Unless you think:

1)  Merging with Microsoft
2)  Acquiring MySQL
3)  Developed MySQL version 5.1
3)  Producing software products and services for MySQL development
4)  Enhancing and expanding Open Source Software Solutions
5)  Introducing 2 new Server Computer Models that are smaller in size and faster and superior than previous server hardware
6)  Working with a Japanese School to develop new innovations in Programming Language development
7) Expanding their Solaris Operating System's Open Source Storage IT solutions development along with introducing a Community Based Development Network on their Website
8) Acquiring a new Semiconductor Company:
9)  Hooked up with Foundry to allow Foundry to develop a unified communications platform
10) Introduced a Solaris On-Demand program for businesses to market/sell their applications
11) Launched an Eco Advantage Program
12)  Partnering with Wind River to bring Carrier Grade Linux to the new T2 Server computer

Yea.. I'm going to DUMP my shares of Java just prior to their May 1st Earnings Report.


G E N C   <------  Check it out.  It's awfully lonely.  I got on board this stock before almost the entire FOOL community has even noticed it yet!

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