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Sardar Biglari Biography



September 05, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BH

I found a great article/biography on Sardar Biglari. Here is a brief preview of the article, the whole article can be accessed from the link provided at the bottom. 

Sardar Biglari was born in Iran on August 30, 1977, eighteen months before the overthrow of the reiging monarchy. His father was a military officer for the deposed Shah, his mother a friend of the royal family. After the Iranian Revolution his father was imprisioned and both Sardar and his mother
were put under house arrest. It was five-years later, in 1984, that they would finally escape after bribing prison guards to let Sardar’s father go. The family settled down in San Antonio, Texas. Sardar was seven years old when he arrived in the States and began learning his new language.In Iran, Biglari’s family had a history in the rug business. Since the age of thirteen, Biglari continued the tradition by working at his parent’s Oriental rug store in San Antonio. Not one to be too dependent on others, he knew he would eventually have to make it on his own. He would end up briefly running his own rug store, although his interests would lay elsewhere.In 1996, Biglari and a friend started INTX Networking LLC, a local internet service provider. They had no problem growing the company, and three years after its launch, INTX was sold for an undisclosed sum to Internet America. At the age of twenty-two, he was now a millionaire (The Restaurant Investor)

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Disclosure: I'm not associated in any way with the author of the article, however I do own shares of Biglari Holdings. I plan to continue to buy and hold such shares for the long-term.

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