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Save The EARTH ! Buy Liberal Trading Credits Now!!



July 28, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , BAC , VZ

The Following News is FAKE and totally based on this week's headlines:

1)   That's right folks!  Our "Cash for Clunkers" program nets you 2 Liberals for the price of NONE.  We are litterally giving away Liberals left and right at prices that are a steal!

Senator Kent Conrad /  Speaker Nancy Pelosi..... Just 1 nickle and 1 Dime short
President Barack Obama / Vice President Joe Biden  .....  Just $1 Euro folks!!
Senator Barbara Boxer /  Representative John Conyers  .....  Totally FREE! Limited time only!

Act NOW NOW NOW why they are still elected!  A deal like this can't last forever!

With CASH for CLUNKERS you'll be impressing the ladies with your purchased liberals hamming it up at your local bar....talking about how:

"America is superior to Russia because Russia is in an economic downturn...."

"Public opinion doesn't matter and so I'm fine with being despised..."

"I can't be expected to read a 1000 page bill unless I have 2 days and 2 lawyers to figure out what the heck it is I wrote."

2)  "Green Shoots"  the Collectible Card Game from Wizards of the Coast is a real delite!
     Let's watch 2 kids playing "Green Shoots" card game and see for yourselves how much fun it is:

     Bobby  vs.  Jimmy...

     "Ok Jimmy, looks like I go first since I called heads and won the coin flip!"

    "(Bobby) I'll play as "AMERICAN CAPITALISM" and (Jimmy)  will be "PRESIDENT OBAMA."

Bobby's Turn 1:  "Hmm.. I'll play General Electric and Sacrifice 500 Jobs in the Philipines for 2 EPS basis points.....Thus saving American jobs by sacrificing foreign ones.  Your turn!"

Jimmy's Turn 1:  "Wow! That was an impressive card.. But, I got one better..  I'll play DE-MANIFEST DESTINY and sacrifice 6,100 American Branches of Bank of America for a net Job Loss well over 10,000.... That's $1.00 a share EPS pts for me!  Woo-hoo!"

Bobby's Turn 1 (During Jimmy's Turn):  "Wait!  I got a "Rumor Denial Card" and I'll spend my 2 EPS pts to play it.  This card prevents you from playing DE-MANIFEST DESTINY!   So there!"

Bobby's Turn 2:  "I'll play Pres. Barack Obama's Press Conference which grants me -1% in approval rating points everytime you ask me about SGT. Crowley or Henry Louis Gates.  This will help prevent you from playing the "CAP and TRADE" or "HEALTH CARE REFORM" cards."

Jimmy's Turn 2 (during Bobby's Turn):  "Wait!  I can counter that.... I'll play "Closed Door Committee Meetings" Card which will make Senators and Representatives in Congress pass bills without Reading them or paying any attention to their Constituencies."

Jimmy's Turn 2:  "Ha! I can win the game.... I just drew "Double Dip Recession" and I will play it which will send America into 30+% Unemployment and mass starvation...making it easy to take over the country as Pres. Obama!"

"GREEN SHOOTS" by Wizards of the Coast.  It's fun for the whole family!  Buy your copy today!

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