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Scams,Scoundrels & Scandals:Motely Fool Subscriptions



December 29, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , F , FB

American Greed: scams scoundrels and scandals. I am watching this tv show and thought about me being on the fence as on joining the Spernova Motely Fool Subription or any of the other ones.  I realized it is a just as shameless as the marks that are featured in the series of American Greed.  In a conversation with my wife, she says why they fall for it. My reply is "Because at the time they don't realize it is a conn because we do want to believe in what is told to us by people who seem credible."   I realize now that MF keeps showing, stating, marketing that their picks constantly beat the S&P and most of them are up over hundreads of percentages since first, second, third,....ninetinth recomendation. And therefore leads you to believe that joining their subscription will generate these unbelieavale returns if you do what they say. Of course it is for a fee. I could join Supernova and pay about 150 a month? to see if my return on my $10,000 investment would realize a whopping 1000%! Oh, I have to loose 18% of it instantly with MF subsciption cost of 150 a month which is $1800 a year to be advised which company this might be from their 2 recs a month. 

Can you fools who are subscribers state your reviews for these products through MF?  What was your experience? Your costs per year? Your education? Your recommendation? Do you other fools feel it is too good to be true therfore it is a conn?

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#1) On December 29, 2012 at 1:30 PM, fndr489 (29.91) wrote:

Hi getrich,

 I think I understand your concern.  Costs are a big deal for me as well.  What's a good return if it's mostly eaten up by costs, right?

 Anyway, my experience has been quite satisfactory.  I am subscribed to Hidden Gems and was previously subscribed to Global Gains (now rolled into Million Dollar Portfolio).  I have been with Hidden Gems since, gosh...2005 (?) and I have had some great successes, and a stinker or two, along the way, but I am ahead of the game for sure (BWLD, HHC, JLL, MIDD, PRAA, SSW, UA are some of my best investments, SCSS was probably my biggest stinker, followed by AAPL.....**). 

My favorite feature of Hidden Gems (and probably most of their other subscriptions) is the community board.  With so many eyes, and different viewpoints, you can cover a lot of ground prior to researching your investments and actually investing your money.  Maybe a Motley Fool staffer posts something that you had not thought of?  Or a fellow Fool comes across an important Reuters/Barron's/SeekingAlpha/Financial Times/etc article and posts it for everyone to see but you would have missed going at it alone?  To me, that is worth it's weight in gold.  I also like having new ideas presented every month.

I feel that my costs are pretty minimal given that I subscribe to only two newsletters and that I use a discount broker as well.  My background is an education in finance and I am currently employed as an accountant so I feel that the Fool does a good job telling it like it is.  My investing preference is for the long term and I feel that my subscriptions meet that need.  I find that the Fool is very clear on performance and investment timelines.  Granted, they have to advertise their best sellers for business purposes because who would subscribe to a newsletter that only advertised their stinkers?  But bottom line, over the long term, the Fool has been really good to me.

 I hope my little chat helps,

Justin (fndr489)

**Now about AAPL...  I was taught to do my own homework, my own research, my due dilligence when investing in stocks.  Develop a good thesis for investing if you will.  Now, are you a fan of the Resident Evil games/movies where an evil multi-national corporation (the Umbrella Corporation) sells it's products e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. and accidentally turns people into zombies?  Well, my sister's investment thesis was "Apple is the next Umbrella Corporation so I am going to invest in it."  What a thesis, right?  Apple stock was $160/share at the time.  She sold above $600/share.  Now the Fool doesn't give advice like this, to be sure, but I didn't listen to my sister and that's why it is a stinker in my book, in case you were wondering. 

Darn zombies. 

And younger siblings.

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