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July 20, 2007 – Comments (2)

Wa-hoo!  It took awhile but I've finally got a stock that crashed through the 100% Ceiling, besting the S&P 500 over the same period by 100%. And I did it on a down day for the market (-1% or 150pts loss for the DJI). To paraphrase The Troggs: "PCU, you make my heart sing. You make everything... Groovy. I said PCU... I think I love you."

Yep, PCU finally did it for me today, approximately ten months since I made my first (and still most suckiest) CAPS stock selection, SCSS. And that shiny blue breast badge now sits in my cute little lineup of lucky charms at the top of this page. Sweet.

Still sweeter is the fact that the CAPS community helped confirm something I felt I knew after first reading about Southern Copper in a SmartMoney magazine article (December 2006, p.81) and doing some research on Yahoo! Finance. I "let her ride" in CAPS for awhile before I jumped into the saddle with real money. And I'm so glad that I finally did. 

Investing in the real world is not easy (well not for me), but I am getting better at it. (Or maybe it's that I'm not worried about it as much? Naah! It's still my money in the market.)  Sometimes, I think the God of Chaos or Loki just has it in for me. But not today, buddy, as I've got a shiny babel in my lucky charm tray that you can't take away! Well, not unless Tom & Dave go postal and decide to gut CAPS, which doesn't appear likely for the near future, at least. (An Aside: Ever think the phrase "going postal" will die an etymological death when we're all jacked in to the Web like the protagonist in "Neuromancer"?)  Ok, ok, I'll stop bragging loudly so that Loki doesn't bee-atch slap me next week...

Speaking of Murphy's Law seeking revenge, I'm not foolish enough to be in love with PCU, although I do love what it's done for me. If and when she takes a dive along with the other raw materials & energy sectors (in the fall?), I've got some stop-loss orders in place just in case the market finally decides to take a breather. Too bad I can't do the same within CAPS, i.e., place stop limit orders (buy and sell). Not that I'm complaining about this very addictive learning tool. Afterall, I've got a shiny new blue babeled badge to show off!

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#1) On July 21, 2007 at 12:25 AM, hhasia (64.75) wrote:


As for  your comment

If and when she takes a dive along with the other raw materials & energy sectors (in the fall?),

The optimal word is "if".

 For your reference, the  Chinese Govt is making it a top priority to gobbble up natural resources and the companies which control the production ( mining in particular ).

On top of that they have dismantled the import tarrifs for them, all the while increasing the export tarrif.

I have mining company shares  of a China based producer. So want to know whats happening in the sector? keep an eye on Chinese govt changes . It often gos counter to the price of that resource.

 One additional strategy: find a small to medium size mining outfit with solid reserves in place (ie; undervalued) and buy. The likelyhood of 'Chinese Take-Out" is high.

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#2) On July 21, 2007 at 2:20 AM, TheGarcipian (33.92) wrote:

Ha! Chinese Take-Out, I like it!

Thanks, hhasia, for the info on the tariffs; I didn't know that. Excellent news for us mineral buyers. I did know about the Chinese government's mandate to gobble up natural resources, but I'm just being a little cautious. I've been burned by the market so many times, I've really lost count. Next time I'm in Hong Kong, I'll tell you about that long bloody past over a drink or a Dim Sum lunch at the Kowloon Hotel. Was there once in 1997 during a typhoon. Had a 12 hour layover there on the way back to the States from Penang, and I only got to see that hotel and took refuge under that little outside pavilion during the heavy rain just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city lights across the bay. Wow, that looks like a marvelous city. It'll be a long time before I can get back there, but I'd welcome a 2nd chance to get to know HK better. Again, thanks for the insight.

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