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Varchild2008 (84.39)

See? I told you so!! 300 DOW Pt. Plunge!



June 15, 2009 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: DOW , F

I said *Soon* DOW will plummet 300 points as the investment community realizes COMMUNISUM in AMERICA isn't a good thing afterall.

Although I deeply regret it, I already dumped (F) Ford for a profit and sent the profit into  my Beverage and DDefense stock companys.   Now that I see this DOW plunge unfolding and Panic will certainly settle in as the unemployment level will easily surpass 11% never mind the 10% barrier.....

I laugh everytime a news woman or guy gleefully almost jumping out of his seat says, "The market has gone up a lot and we haven't even spent 1/2 the stimulus money yet!"

The market has gone up only out of pure optimism and out of people sick and tired of losing money.  There's no actual growth in the earnings reports and the retail sector has shown weakness...Nothing justfying the rally.

The bears were right all along to be bearish... Cause you have to be Bearish until the American people start voting in Conservatism and stop with this liberalistic garbage.

Do you honestly think it really matters ??? I mean the stimulus money?  How does that matter?
Everyone pointing out that only 12 times PIE squared has been spent.... Well, I'd like to point out that spending doesn't JIVE with economic growth and if it did then why is Congress trying to modify how and where the money is being spent with their CARS for CLUNKERS program?

President Jimmy Carter II is angering Brittan.... Angering Canada... Angering Israel....And doing quite a horrible job when it comes to "UNITY."  And everyone hated BUSH because of "UNITY" issues????  At least we had agreement among our allies!

Not only do our enemies hate us... now even our closest Allies hate us over President Jimmy Carter II's BUY AMERICAN sloganeering and legislating.

My recommendation is for investors to keep buying on big pullback, dips, but only for SAFE investments....which are companys that either have no debt or at least are profitable and actually do show  top line growth.... Recession Proof stocks like Beverages, Video Games, and Defense are where my money has been going into lately. 


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#1) On June 15, 2009 at 10:18 AM, jmt587 (99.65) wrote:

Man, I couldn't disagree more with most of the things you say (politically and financially).  I think beverages, video games, and defense are far from "Recession Proof".  I have a feeling that if things get worse, people may stop buying so much Coke and Pepsi.  I recently read that video games have been suffering a lot, which was a shock, because so many people considred them "Recession Proof".  And as for defense, I can't see how we can do anything but spend less on defense in the future.  That's one of the largest reasons we have the financial problems we have, spending more on defense than the rest of the world combined.  How can that be justified?  If we could figure out healthcare, reform our justice / prison system, and pare back our defense spending to actually make it "defensive" instead of offensive, we'd be well on the way to a balanced budget.

But anyhow, good luck with your pessimism and your "Recession Proof" stocks.

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#2) On June 15, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Varchild2008 (84.39) wrote:

They may abandon the Cokes and the Pepsis.... But those that do flock to the off-brand names like "CRUSH" and "STEWARTS."

I've seen a trend in Q2 just from 2 Meijer and 1 Walmart stores.
In these 3 stores... Off-Brands like "JONES SODA" and "FUZE" and so on...these drinks are getting better prominently displayed on shelves.

I'm seeing people flocking to these cheap, small bottle serves, and abandoning the more expensive 2-liters.  I think people are balancing their purchasing with smaller sized Colas and Juices and Teas combined with just Water...Pure Water....for drinking.

Not bottled water.. But water out of your TAP.

So don't abandon the beverage sector cause you are seeing COKE and PEPSI 2-liters crowding the aile ways....or that Monster Energy is now showing weakness....

Cause there's still a lot of growth in this sector that people need to pay attention to.... Go down your drinks aisle at your grocery store and focus your attention on whether the Smaller Sized Beverage Bottles and Generic Brand Beverages are getting bought more than the 2-liters.  I guarantee you that there is growth even in a recession...even in a depression! 


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#3) On June 15, 2009 at 11:00 AM, checklist34 (98.76) wrote:

i think we're going to sit in the 875-950 range for a while longer...

And I maintain the view that we should discount teh radical mid-feb through early march dip and the equally radical rise from the march lows to the 875-950 range and just look at this as a now approaching 8 month trough roughly centered on the 900 range. 

I don't think the market is ready to break out of the trough, so I think we flutter about for a while... 

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#4) On June 15, 2009 at 11:13 AM, jmt587 (99.65) wrote:

I could see making a case for generic / local low cost beverage producers (Faygo being one of the latter, not sure of an example of the former, but whoever makes the generic colas and sodas for Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, etc.).  But Jones Soda is more of a premium brand than an off brand, isn't it?  I'd think they'd suffer even worse than a Coke or a Pepsi as some people will trade down to Coke and Pepsi from the likes of a Jones.  No?

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#5) On June 15, 2009 at 12:30 PM, Varchild2008 (84.39) wrote:

I have checked the pricing of a JONES...Just that it has gotten far better prominance in my stores... It is displayed better...

The company has gone from a glass jar singles into a different packaging....plastic maybe?  Not sure if that cuts costs for JONES soda or not... The new look packaging may be a seller...But, ultimately...I think it sells better simply due to the increased prominence... About 3 bottles were sold when I glanced at the shelf yesterday and I almost wanted to buy 1.

Well... In fact... I plan to buy "FUFU Berry" today...About 1 bottle. I'll see how much it costs in relation to a 2-liter.

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#6) On June 15, 2009 at 3:44 PM, jmt587 (99.65) wrote:

Ok, let me know.  I'm pretty sure they're higher priced.

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