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Varchild2008 (85.34)

See? I TOLD YOU SO!!! (MTXX) Zicam's Possible Payout



November 24, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

I own 1,000 shares of MTXX.   I've been over the past few weeks talking about the stock.. Heck... It's been over a month!!

Ultimately... When I read the following article from INVESTOPEDIA:

First thing in my mind was See?  I TOLD YOU SO!!!!   Cause I said this stuff weeks ago!

I've been chasing this falling knife from an upper 5 handle down to $4.10.

Talk about Johnny come lately?   Doubt I'll get the credit for making the points I made that the ORAL product will indeed increase in sales enough to keep the company afloat through their legal fights....after losing their nasal product....  The liquid.... the chewable....the swallowable....the disolveable....

They have products for COLD, ALLERGY, and the FLU... This isn't really a 1-hit wonder stuck in that sense... They are an OTC high growth stock that is in a vulnerable state right now where they are easy pickings for GREEDY GREEDY investors like Varchild2008.

Warren Buffet says Buy when Investors are FEARFUL..... Well???? I've been doing that with MTXX!

I'm not going to bring all that up again....   But... Looking at where MTXX is right now... Stock traded up 3 cents despite heavy pressure all day long today.... That's stabalization in share price ever since it bottomed out at $3.61 for now....  No way to tell if $3.61 is the stock's bottom price or if it will create a new bottom so a bit of warning out COULD go lower still. 

Bad news in terms of the FDA could send it the stock below $3.61.... I think....   Good News could send the stock to a DOUBLE..short term....maybe TRIPLE....long term...

But I like MTXX simply because ZICAM IS AN AMERICAN NAMEBRAND PRODUCT... And you just don't *short* stuff like that...   Anyone want to *short*  7UP?  how about Porsche???  Hey....Short my Structure T-Shirts!

But know that a beverage that FAILED in America many many many decades ago... Actually is still a living breathing beverage owned by a living breathing beverage company.  MOXIE COLA.... The First ever COLA produced period!  In America and perhaps the World....  MOXIE COLA <-----

If MOXIE COLA still exists.....  ZICAM under any financial pressures from the company that owns the rights to manufature, sell the drug will live on.

Because ZICAM is America's WONDER DRUG for the COMMON COLD.

My Elementary School Teacher said that a company that comes out with the cure for the Common Cold will make a fortune.... ZICAM isn't exactly a Cure.. but it is sure darn close to one....and Varchild2008 wants to make money alongside the company that has a biggest, baddest, weapon against the COMMON COLD.

Seriously though.... Now is the time to get serious and start researching MTXX.... 
I think the idea the company doesn't survive... that kind of palpable fear..that drove the stock to $3.61... I think that's subsiding... and real analysis from the LONGs are starting to win out over the "It doesn't have nasal spray!" short sellers....

But.. what do I know?  I'm just a moron....reporting to you about an investment in my portfolio that I like.

DISCLOSURE:  I was wrong about (HOTT), (AAI), (EAG), (NIHK), ad nauseum this year....

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