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Sell! Sell! Sell!



September 30, 2010 – Comments (2)

This is worth a chuckle:

This part made me laugh out loud:

Treasury said in a statement that it expects to continue selling its remaining shares of Citigroup stock "in an orderly fashion" after observing a pause in the sales surrounding the release of Citigroup's third quarter earnings report.

Ladies and gentlemen, please line up and sell your stock in an orderly fashion.

Well, at least they are getting some of OUR money back :)

See you next month...


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#1) On September 30, 2010 at 9:42 PM, guiron (39.40) wrote:

I think they mean they aren't dumping all of it at once, which was a concern.

The government is making a profit on the deal. I'm not hearing any mea culpas from those who claimed these bailouts would be useless and would never be paid back.

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#2) On September 30, 2010 at 10:17 PM, rd80 (95.85) wrote:

Treasury's been selling its Citi common "in an orderly fashion" for about six months now.

Unless the common price takes a really big swan dive, Citi will easily be TARP's most profitable investment.


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