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caseykimma (48.08)

Shakey Week



March 17, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: ANGO

Its hard to say whats going to happen with the market as a whole with the amount of recent uncertainty, along with the big news events (Bear Sterns buy out, Fed cutting interest rate again).

Ive been able to maintain a decent rating (~ 85 - 95) and accuracy (~60%) for the past week or so, but its hard to tell how stabalized it is or if its just good luck for the time being.

I closed out ANGO (a short) after about 3 weeks and an ending score of +33. I think it may start to upturn a bit, so im getting out. this stock pick turned out pretty well, and like i said in the pitch, i wish i had written something so i knew why i had picked it. oh well. lesson learned.

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