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Short Forbes: Dan Lyons, FSJ, and (NASDAQ:SCOX) v. (NASDAQ:NOVL)



August 14, 2007 – Comments (0)

Just when Forbes' credibility was tanking with Caulfield's emptiness, we find out that Dan Lyons was driving SCO v. Novell hysteria and proximate cause for Pamela Jones, death threats...

"...What Lyons really needs to address is why he spent years marginalizing Linux and supporting Darl McBride's reinvention of The SCO Group from being a long forgotten vendor of an aging version of commercial Unix to becoming a litigious pile of money grubbing investors and lawyers who sought to make a quick buck in one of the world's most shamelessly baseless litigation campaigns of fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the software industry.In the middle of 2003, after the SCO Group filed its billion dollar nuisance lawsuit against IBM and sent out 1500 letters to major companies warning them that any use of Linux might expose them to legal problems of their own, Lyons wrote for Forbes that SCO would likely win its case and that Linux vendors users were all delusional and ignorant for attempting to fight back in court.“Like many religious folk,” Lyons wrote, “the Linux-loving crunchies in the open-source movement are a) convinced of their own righteousness, and b) sure the whole world, including judges, will agree."...Lyons' pro-SCO blogging even ended up being entered by SCO as testimony in its case against IBM. Even worse, Lyons defended Mauren O'Gara after she stooped to publishing the home address and contact information of Jones, who was hiding from death threats after her information helped to expose SCO's shenanigans..."


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