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Shouting Racist in a Crowded Country



March 27, 2010 – Comments (11)

Have you heard this one before?

"Tea Baggers are racists." 

Is that a fair summary of how Keith Olbermann, Paul Krugman, Janeane Garaf*kurself, Al RaceBaiter, the Black Caucus and the demented Marxist wing of the Democratic Party view the Tea Party movement?  I'd say so.

Last week, members of the Black Caucus, instead of taking their usual route to Congress for a vote, walked right through the middle of the Tea Party crowd, carrying video cameras and recording the incident.  They claimed that the N word was hurled at them 15 times!  Well, if it's true, then present some evidence to support your claims.  Yet, desptie recording ths apparent act of blatant racism, they can not produce one single clip that shows a single Tea Party protestor using the N word.  Not one.

The Marxist media was more than giddy to report possible racism among Tea Party protestors.  I wish they would be just as giddy about exposing this outright lie and sick publicity stunt.  Of course, that would make them look bad, even the immature Jon Stewart, who recently remarked that Libertarian sounds like "aryan."  Oh, how clever.  What do the last three letters of Democrat spell, Jon?  I was a fan of your show because you were fair, slightly left, and honest.  I will never watch again. You have proven that you've sunk into the cesspool.

Here is an excellent piece of investigate journalism by Andrew Breitbart.  It includes multiple videos of the actual event in question.  It's the kind of jounalism they used to do, I am told, in the mainstream media.  I'm skeptical that Government's Typewriter ever did any real journalism. 

David in Qatar

2010: A Race Odyssey by Andrew Breitbart

There is no reason in 21st century America on an issue that is not a black or white or a civil rights issue to have a bloc of black people walk slowly through a mostly white crowd to make a racial point. The walk in and of itself — with two of the participants holding their handheld cameras above their heads hoping to document “proof” — was an act of racism meant to create a contrast between the tea party crowd and themselves.

This is the same failed symbolism that Janeane Garofalo and MSNBC have been trying to implant for the last year. The only supposed evidence of white-on-black racism at a tea party that MSNBC was able to find was a man carrying a gun at an Arizona Obama rally. But, wait, MSNBC cut off the man’s head with a photo editing software. That Second Amendment fan was actually black. Never mind.


11 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On March 27, 2010 at 1:17 PM, RainierMan (64.43) wrote:

No, actually I have not heard that the Tea Party crowd is racist. I did hear of the incident that you mentioned, but that doesn't mean I've "heard they are racist". 

Marxist media? That's just laughable. Are you referring to Fox News--the most watched news station in America? The Wall Street Journal--owned by Murdoch? Or do you mean the bizzillion conservative talk radio shows, whereas I can't even think of one "Marxist" talk show.

I think you need check your assumptions. 

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#2) On March 27, 2010 at 1:54 PM, whereaminow (< 20) wrote:


That would be the NeoCon media, led by Rupert Murdoch, who funded the the start of the second generation of neoconservatives.

That's our choice in America, between the Marxists and the Neocons if you tune into the mainstream.  That's not a choice.  That's a death sentence.  There is no lesser of two evils between the Neocon Hannity/Limbaugh crowd and the Marxist Olbermann/Maddow crowd.  I find them equally revolting.

If you prefer that I call the other half of the alphabet soup something else, that's fine. Marxist is a little strong.  How about Egalitarian?  That's just as terrible a description, however.

David in Qatar

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#3) On March 27, 2010 at 3:13 PM, topsecret09 (86.64) wrote:

  Instead of using the underground corriders that connect the different congressional venues,Pelosi and her minions decided to take an "IN YOUR FACE" direct route right through the Tea Party people. It was an arrogant display of anti -Americanism by the left wing elitist Idealogs that are destroying our republic...  It Is an affront to our Democracy that these elected "representatives" are actually acting against the "WILL OF THE PEOPLE",and somehow get the media to blame those same people for there own disingenuous antics. The Democrats In Congress that voted for this bill are truly a repulsive bunch of traitors to our Constitution,and to our republic...  TS

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#4) On March 27, 2010 at 4:05 PM, RainierMan (64.43) wrote:

Whereaminow: why do we even need labels? To extent we have to use some sort of label, why chose provocative ones? You're sort adopting the same antics as those you are criticizing. I don't refer to ultra conservatives as "racists", or whatever other terms I might pick. That just provokes. I didn't hear Stewart's comment, but that was definitely out of line. My criticism of all the name calling cuts both ways here.

I admire your seeing the craziness in both ends of the spectrum; a lot of people don't. But don't you think the sort of labels you are using are part of the problem with the political discussion in this country? It's become 90 percent rhetoric and labels now. 99 percent of the time those labels are bull.

Marxism? I'm trying to think of a hard line, mainstream liberal media source to use as an example...I'll take NPR, which I know a lot of conservatives despise (I don't consider Krugman or Stewart to be "media sources", at least not mainstream sources. The average "Joe" doesn't read Krugman, and Stewart is a comedian. But moving along...). I don't hear NPR (or network news stations) arguing for having the workers of world take over the "means of production", or identifying the core of all social and political problems as stemming from the relationship between the owners of productive enterprises (or the "means of production") and workers. That's what Marxism is. Some mainstream media, MAY may be relatively liberal (arguable, and relative to what?) but they are not reporting new or editorializing from a Marxist perspective. 

I guess you might replace "Marxism" with "Socialism", but even that is a stretch since we don't have widespread government ownership of industry. Nor are government bailouts, with few exceptions, a trend of government ownership of industry. And in any case, I don't see mainstream media sources promoting the government takeover of industry.

Truth is, I think people know damn well all these labels are being misused, but they just want to p.o. "the other side". It may have a "feel good" element to do it, but it's not a discussion.


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#5) On March 27, 2010 at 4:24 PM, whereaminow (< 20) wrote:


Well said.  I knew when I posted this that I was being over-the-top, but I also wanted to draw attention to how ridiculously one-sided MSNBC's coverage of the Tea Party movement has been.

So I apologize to you for trying to label MSNBC in a way you feel inappropriate, but I would like to see better coverage than we are currently getting.

David in Qatar

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#6) On March 27, 2010 at 8:56 PM, topsecret09 (86.64) wrote:

How the Left Fakes the Hate: A Primer

By Michelle Malkin

If you can't stand the heat, manufacture a hate-crime epidemic.

After years of covering racial hoaxes on college campuses and victim sob stories in the public arena, I've encountered countless opportunists who live by that demented mindset. At best, the fakers are desperately seeking 15 minutes of infamy. At worst, their aim is the criminalization of political dissent.

Upon decimating the deliberative process to hand President Obama a health care "reform" victory, unpopular Beltway Democrats and their media water-carriers now claim there's a Tea Party epidemic of racism, harassment and violence against them.

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a tepid, obligatory statement against smearing all conservatives as national security threats. But her lieutenants had already emptied their tar buckets. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Chris Van Hollen accused Republican leaders of "stoking the flames." Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn accused the GOP of "aiding and abetting" what he called "terrorism."

Yet, the claims that Tea Party activists shouted "nigger" at black House Democrats remain uncorroborated. The coffin reportedly left outside Missouri Democratic Rep. Russ Carnahan's home was used in a prayer vigil by pro-life activists in St. Louis protesting the phony Demcare abortion-funding ban in Obama's deal-cutting executive order. Videotape of a supposed intentional spitting incident targeting Missouri Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver at the Capitol shows no such thing. Cleaver himself backed off the claim a few days later. He described his heckler to The Washington Post in more passive terms as "the man who allowed his saliva to hit my face." Slovenliness equals terrorism!  The FBI is now investigating the most serious allegation—that Tea Party activists in Virginia are somehow responsible for a cut gas line at the home of Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello's brother. But instead of waiting for the outcome of that probe, liberal pundits have enshrined the claim as conclusive evidence of the Tea Party reign of terror.

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#7) On March 27, 2010 at 9:09 PM, topsecret09 (86.64) wrote:

 This Is good........

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#8) On March 27, 2010 at 11:00 PM, NewYorkLaura (< 20) wrote:

And what's wrong with this "N" word?  Does it have some magic that other words don't?  Is it reserved by some sacred group of gods who dictate common usage to the entire planet?  This is just an ordinary word, I'm quite sure, because I hear it dozens of times a day on the subway, on the street, on television.  Or is it that we wish to create a double standard about who can use this word?  If the TPP have meant to put a grand halt to a seeming double standard about this word, please give me their address, so I may send them money.  

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#9) On March 28, 2010 at 1:59 PM, merchantIV (< 20) wrote:

Did you not understand that Jon Stewart was doing a long, intense parody of Glenn Beck and his mindless nonsense?

Of course Stewart doesn't believe 'Libertarian' and 'aryan' mean anything.  He was making fun of Beck's insane ability to sniff out conspiracy everywhere.

If you can't understand satire, that's sad. 

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#10) On March 28, 2010 at 10:43 PM, NewYorkLaura (< 20) wrote:

Still, does the "N" word mean something to "you" that it does not mean to a New Yorker?

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#11) On April 01, 2010 at 10:34 PM, vriguy (62.50) wrote:

Comment #9 is spot on.  It was one of the funniest parodies I've ever seen.

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