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Sign or Welcome to WalMart....



November 23, 2009 – Comments (2)

I warned you fools, under Zombulation half of America will lose its jobs.  When you give bankers money for free and allow them to speculate with no downside as any losses will be bailed out, most of the money that would otherwise be used to drive the economy is diverted into speculation.

The following proposal involves what I think is Harley's largest production plant.....the negotiations calls for half of the workers to lose their jobs.

Nearly 2,000 Harley Davidson workers were handed a proposed union contract Friday. The agreement came a few months after Harley threatened to shut down its Springettsbury Township plant and move it out of state.

If workers agree to the seven year deal an estimated 1,000 workers will be laid off however, the plant will stay in York County. If the employees vote 'no' the company's largest production factory will move to Kentucky.

Representatives with the Machinist Union locked the doors to the York Fairgrounds Toyota Arena for nearly four hours while they explained the 58 page tentative deal.

Contract negotiations between Harley and the union have been underway for the past month as union representatives struggled to prevent the company from leaving.

A union representative told CBS 21 News that the new agreement involves 'radical changes' but it was the best they could do for employees.

"We have about 2,000 members, residents of the community and York County," said Tom Santone with the Machinist Union. "I mean it would be devastating not only to our members but this would be devastating to York County."

On top of the job cuts, the contract lays out several other changes including cuts to vacation time, overtime,
sick days, healthcare and retirement.

"They ripped the veterans day holiday from us in the new contract, they ought to be ashamed of themselves!" said Brian Zarilla, an employee. "I'm in the military, I leave to deploy in January."

Santone said the Union fought to keep the Veteran Day Holiday. He said the main goal was to save the plant, and in doing so workers will have to take a lot of concessions.

The employees will are not expected to take a pay cut under the new contract.

Dozens of employees told CBS 21 New that they are angry about the agreement, calling it the 'worst they have ever seen'. Most of the workers say they feel they are being forced into signing on.

"It's like either sign it or 'hi welcome to Walmart," said one unidentified worker.

Welcome to the end of the recession....where more and more are laying off half or more of the workforce.  And this is no ordinary shlock is Harley, one of the most respected brands in the world.

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#1) On November 29, 2009 at 1:59 PM, truthisntstupid (77.26) wrote:

Glad I sold it.  The only way the company could afford its union workers was to charge top dollar.  This involved allowing people that couldn't afford a toy costing $20,000 and up to take out subprime mortgages on their house - for a motorcycle.  After agonizing over the decision for months because I thought they were still a good long-term investment, I realized I as a dividend investor currently had no use for it.  I added a small amount of cash to the proceeds from selling and bought enough MO to about quintuple my quarterly dividend.  Good for me and I no longer have to care if yet another union bunch tries to kill their company.

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#2) On November 29, 2009 at 2:50 PM, eddietheinvestor (< 20) wrote:

We all have seen what unions have done to GM.

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