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March 26, 2010 – Comments (16)

It's been a long time since I've done one of these lists of links to my recent articles, so I am long overdue. Another impetus for preparing such a post is to inform you that the techies at TMF have repaired whatever was ailing our author's link pages with the convenient RSS feeds, so I have a new URL for you to bookmark so you can easily follow every one of my articles in real time.

The new URL for this timeline of articles (with RSS capability) is:

Please bookmark it, or memorize it. :P

It appears that this list drops older articles as they are replaced with newer ones, so for a more archival form of timeline, please hold onto my Twitter link for your reference. You do not have to register with Twitter to view the timeline and access the links there. 

Here is my Twitter timeline:

Now, here are some of my more recent articles on the usual range of topics. If there are related topics or sectors that you would like to see more coverage on, please let me know. Thank you as always for your continued readership and valuable feedback! If you enjoy the articles you find through these links, please be sure to recommend the article in question, as this helps to increase its circulation among your fellow Fools.



Charlie Munger Wants to Scare You Straight

The Worst Stocks for 2010: Bank of America

The Most Overlooked Story of 2009

Joint the Quest for Recovery Confirmation


Gold and Silver:

Your Treasure Map to Gold's Mother Lodes - British Columbia is a global hotspot for gold.

The Gilded Growth of a Mid-Tier Miner - Eldorado is keeping costs low and eyeing impressive growth.

Lie Down in Golden Fields - It's easy to write off a high-cost producer, but consider the resource potential.

Kinross Blazes into the Yukon -  Kinross doing what it does best: acquisitions.

Grab a Slice of Goldcorp's Growing Fortune - Easily the strongest name in gold today.

Beyond the Sterling Standard in Silver - Have you amassed your SLW yet?

Yawanna Keep Yamana - A lot of people will be kicking themselves for not buying AUY at $10.

$13.6 Billion Reasons to Adore Silver Wheaton -  And one more reason: it's the best equity in the world.

Newmont Strikes Golden Cash Flow - Everyone asked where the cash flow was from gold producers...

Our Little Eaglet is All Grown Up -  Please don't forget about my 2009 pick for equity of the year.

Your Moment to Go for the Gold and Silver -  Are you still waiting for lower prices to get in? Careful.

Silver Miners Strike Earnings Gold - Hecla nailed it.

News from the Top of the Gold Chain - Barrick is spending the billions to sustain production.

Silver Wheaton Vies for Vancouver Gold - Are you noticing a pattern? :)

A Royal Flush for Royal Gold -  Stay tuned for a potential royalty deal with Taseko as well!

IAMRIGHT About IAMGOLD - I just am. :) This page isn't loading for me ... anyone else?

Today's Best Bargain in Gold - And it still is. (Yamana)

The New Face of New Gold - Did you notice they are resuming ops at Cerro San Pedro?

Taseko's Road Map to Prosperity - Still the most severely undervalued stock I've seen.

Own the Purest Nugget of Gold - More on why GG is king.

Tomorrow's Outperformers in Gold - Aurizon Mines in focus.

Nouriel Roubini's Worst Call Ever - This article made the rounds in a big way. Almost 5,000 votes.



Coal Investors Float on Cloud 9 - Rio Tinto Spin-off CLD remains a clear, conservative value play.

Massive Moves in Met Coal - MEE made a strong move for met coal exposure.

A Tasty Appalachian Combination - CONSOL moves further toward natural gas. It's a natural fit.

Enjoy This Bituminous Bonanza - Teck Resources is jamming.

The $60 Billion Man -If you have no exposure to Pacific basin seaborne coal; reconsider.

Prepare Now for the Met Coal Surge - This is more than a mere blip in the screen ... a permanent shift.

The Arch Crumbles - Down... but not out.

The King of Coal Reigns Supreme -  Still the best name in the business.



Still Waiting for Stimulus Stimulation - It's coming, but what does it mean?

The New Core of Old-Style Growth - Nucor is making the right moves.

Hot Rumors and Forged Deals in Steel - That week reminded me of junior high.

Sweet Smells from Stinky Steel - Nucor gives an optimistic update.

Steelmakers on Steroids - Peeling beneath the profits for insight.

POSCO Postures for Unfettered Pan-Asian Growth - PKX is blazing.

The Global Industrial Outlook for 2010 



Expect a Rough Ride on the Baltic Sea - Atough time for an IPO, and a tough time for the spot market.

Another Dry Year for DryShips - It wasn't pretty.

Diana Bulks Up for a Bottom in Dry Bulk - But that bottom hasn't arrived yet.

Diana Wants to Become a Bottom-Feeder - An unexpected move into containerships.

How Do Shippers Look Now?


See Your Joyous Future in Commodities - JOYG is tops for comprehensive insight into commodity markets.



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#1) On March 26, 2010 at 10:13 AM, catoismymotor (< 20) wrote:

You have these printed on archival paper and placed in a leather binding.

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#2) On March 26, 2010 at 10:15 AM, catoismymotor (< 20) wrote:

Somehow the word should managed to run away once it was positioned as the second word in the sentence above.

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#3) On March 26, 2010 at 11:43 AM, djemonk (< 20) wrote:

Always one of the best blog entries of the year.  Thanks!

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#4) On March 26, 2010 at 11:44 AM, djemonk (< 20) wrote:

Always one of the best blog entries of the year.  Thanks!

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#5) On March 26, 2010 at 2:07 PM, imobillc (< 20) wrote:

I'll be following this link for a while, lots of info...



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#6) On March 26, 2010 at 5:10 PM, Bays (29.16) wrote:

Love the twitter timeline.... I visit frequently.

Thanks, Chris.


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#7) On March 28, 2010 at 3:02 AM, fockewulf (< 20) wrote:

Hello Sinch,

Perhaps you could do a story about this scandel involving massive silver price manipulation revealed by a whistleblower and what this may mean for markets in the future.  Take a look:

Take a look at the two charts at the end of this blog posting.


The normal investor just can´t get a break it seems.  We really must be Fools.

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#8) On March 28, 2010 at 3:03 AM, fockewulf (< 20) wrote:

Hello Sinch,

Perhaps you could do a story about this scandel involving massive silver price manipulation revealed by a whistleblower and what this may mean for markets in the future.  Take a look:

Take a look at the two charts at the end of this blog posting.


The normal investor just can´t get a break it seems.  We really must be Fools.

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#9) On March 28, 2010 at 3:34 AM, fockewulf (< 20) wrote:

Another YouTube comment about this situation.


More from Bill Murphy.


Some recent info from GATA about this topic before this scandal was revealed.

Oh man.

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#10) On March 28, 2010 at 3:35 AM, fockewulf (< 20) wrote:

Another YouTube comment about this situation.


More from Bill Murphy.


Some recent info from GATA about this topic before this scandal was revealed.

Oh man.

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#11) On March 28, 2010 at 6:23 AM, fockewulf (< 20) wrote:

Uggh,,,I´ve reported the multi-posts (and the spam) for deletion. 

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#12) On March 28, 2010 at 1:57 PM, XMFSinchiruna (26.50) wrote:


Don't sweat the multi-posts ... they get us all. :)

I'm already on the story for Monday. But don't let that dissuade you from ever sharing story ideas in the future. I have followed up on dozens of story ideas from readers, and really appreciate the collective watch.

Fool on!

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#13) On March 28, 2010 at 2:31 PM, megalong (< 20) wrote:

Hey Sinch, have you ever looked at Capital Gold Corp (CGC)?  A new issue, not many followers on CAPS yet.  Just caught my eye.

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#14) On March 28, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Starfirenv (< 20) wrote:

Strongman- Congrats. Thats becomming quite a "collective works". As my 16 yr old would say, "You are dope", as "bomb" and "bad" have lost the "coolness". Always enjoy your work.
 To topic, it may add some depth to your Mon piece if you were to point out that there is nothing here that wasn't known nearly a year ago, and that only now is action being taken by the CFTC (lol).
My comments form Binve's excellent post: 3/26

  "The real pisser is that all this came to light long ago.  there was discussion on this very topic right here last summer. Here is a post from last June by Chris Grayley- worth reading (again for some). Nice to see that the folks over at the CFTC are "on it".
"More good info on manipulation, this one from Stockhouse- July '09
"After all, paper silver serves its purpose to manipulate silver prices downwards, only if it serves as an alternative to prevent people from buying real silver"

"the manipulation usually ends when they run out of silver to deliver, and then, people begin to stop trusting in paper promises, such as happened to gold in 1933 and 1971.  If the failure to redeem Canadian silver certificates is any indication, the world is scraping the bottom of barrel for silver"

"when the manipulation ends, with delivery defaults, precious metals prices will rise with shocking speed, and even my own re-supply sources will likely dry up, and you might not be able to buy silver at any price,"
Thanks. Regards. +1 rec.  Got PMs?

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#15) On March 28, 2010 at 3:59 PM, XMFSinchiruna (26.50) wrote:

Or there's this TMFSinchiruna blog post from February 2008:

"This one shows the relationship betwen the price of gold and the short positions on gold contracts... thereby illuminating the manipulation that is/was rampant within the gold market.  The manipulation is becoming less effective as they run out of gold to throw at the market... but for the entire modern era the price has been manipulated.  A big part of this commodities bull market has to do with finding the true market value of gold after eons of manipulation."


Or there's this one from June 2008:

"Mr. Butler is correct to point out that gold and silver are a totally different story, and anyone who groups them in and claims they too have been driven up by speculators would by grossly misinformed."


Or there's this one from July 2008:

"Don't be fooled, Fools.  The push to acquire greater power and authority over the markets than they already possess has nothing to do with removing speculators... and certainly nothing to do with leveling the playing field, since those seeking said authority are fully aware that there has never been a level playing field.  Bankers, Bernanke, and Bush... in about that order... those are the powers at play that determine our fate, both economically and politically." [Also see the 1-minute-tick chart of oil and gold on that post!]


Or there's this post from December 2008:

"The manipulation of gold prices is so very obvious. Anyone who follows the daily charts as I do will see that like clockwork gold and silver are hammered southward minutes after the 8am NY open day after day after day after day ... only to be bought back on the overseas markets so they can do it all over again on the COMEX. Those who follow my work also know that I track the long and short gold positions of the major investment banks on the TOCOM, the Tokyo exchange, where parties in transactions are actually listed by name (I know, a novel concept). The article linked here does a great job of explaining / positing what is going on behind the scenes that no one seems willing to talk about."


Or this one from March 2009:

The following comes from the very capable gold experts at LeMetropole Cafe. I am sharing the following discussion of developments in the lackluster investigation by the CFTC into market manipulation in gold and silver through highly concentrated positions by a select few banks. Please read on and draw your own conclusions, but having followed this fascinating story from the beginning, I can tell you that the facts as they are reported by Ted Butler, Adrian Douglas, and Bill Murphy are indeed bona fide facts, and the responses from CFTC speak for themselves in terms of their obvious attempts to skirt the issue and deflect responsibility for the blatant manipulation underway.

For the record, these allegations of malfeasance are real and well-documented, and the response from the responsible oversight agency are simply more evidence of the complicity toward rigged markets that pervades the entire financial paradigm. It just so happens that in the case of gold and silver, these markets are small enough and scrutinized sufficiently as to yield the evidence now being ammassed.

This comprises one huge item among a long list of reasons why I maintain that the "value" of gold and silver in USD as currently presented on the futures exchanges represents nothing more than the prices participants are willing to pay within a rigged game brutalized by unfettered and unbacked naked short positions and concentrated movemjents by market-making players between net long and net short positions in such a way as to completely control the short-term swings and prevent a major breakout in the exchange prices to levels that would encourage deliveries of physical bullion to render their paper game powerless. A few months ago we discussed a growing disconnect between paper prices and physical prices, and the next time that gap widens again you can expect real pressure to be exerted upon those illegal short positions to force a major leg upward with a squeeze.

These manipulations, ultimately, will fail because they are a paper charade like everything else in this unraveling ponzi scheme of an economy. As Sinclair has stated, all it would take would be a dozen millionnaires taking physical delivery from the futures exchange and the paper price would correct up and break free from the control of these banks armed with limitless free capital from the Fed. 


Or this one from April 2009:


Yup, it';s amazing what those bullion banks can accomplish when the spigots of free capital are turned on. They can literally borrow money for free to exert these influences provided their reverse strategy for playing the flip side behaves predictably. In the equities space, for example, I often see them pressuring the less liquid junior explorers lower on days when they permit the big guys to bust higher. This is suspect because of the enormous volume spikes on those juniors when that occurs. 

As for when / how this manipulation will be stopped, that all depends upon the conviction of wealthy individual longs as well as the actions of the unaffiliated central banks like China and Russia. Also, I have to believe that there is an upper limit to the potential disconnect between developing fundamentals and this ridiculous price action. In other words, as quantitative easing progresses, maintaining levels below $1,000 will start to make the manipulation more apparent, which in turn will force them to ease off and let gold find a new low above that mark. Over the long haul, I believe that the banks/Treasury/Fed cabal is aiming for a controlled ascent in gold, knowing full well that the inflationary impacts of their actions cannot be avoided by any means. I continue to believe that that controlled ascent plan, like their bailout plan, will fail miserably and gold will break out of their grasp sometime over the next year or two. That latter forecast is more just a gut feeling than a concluion based pon evidence, but for the underlying manipulation processes there is an ample supply of mounting evidence."


I don't hold high expectations for reform of the CRIMEX, but rest assured I have been following this story at every turn for the past several years.

- Sinch

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#16) On March 28, 2010 at 6:18 PM, Starfirenv (< 20) wrote:

No surprise that you were out front on this. So this is a two yr old story (at least). Plenty of time to PREPARE!!!! :-)
 For me, the "sticking points" in the Stockhouse piece were the downward pressure of "paper silver" (never thought of it that way),  the very plausable trigger for the end of game, and likely result in prices rising with "shocking speed". I say bring it. Hopefully your work can help exacerbate the demise of this corrupt process. Any thoughts on how you think this will ultimately play out would be much appreciated. Thanks again Strongman and good luck concentrating this wealth of info. As for the CRIMEX- I agree, but have to think they are either being paid or told to sit on their hands. Where's Woodward when you need him? Regards.

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