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siRNA - Gene Silencing



August 09, 2008 – Comments (2)

There is an interesting article on WebMD about a strong new potential treatment for AIDS.

When I first got onto caps I shorted a lab, RNAI, with some drug treatment that when I read it had years upon years before it could get product to the market.  The very next day it was bought out for double sinking my score on caps to below 20.  I only had a few picks at the time.

Well, it seems that this company that was bought out for what I thought was way, way too much does research in that area.

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#1) On August 09, 2008 at 10:37 AM, dwot (29.15) wrote:

John Mauldin's stuff is excellent.  This piece he outlines a bit about the outbreak in Georgia

I read his stuff for his great insight into the economy:

"The Rise of A New Asset Class

I think we're at a watershed moment, what Peter Bernstein defines as an "epochal event," with the very order of the investment world changing as it did in 1929, in 1950, in 1981, where a number of things came together - it wasn't just one thing but a number of events happening that conspired to change the nature of what worked in the investment world for the next period of time. It took most people a decade after 1981-2 to recognize that we were in a different period, because we make our future expectations out of past experience. It's very hard for us to recognize a watershed moment in the process. We're going to look back in five or ten years and go, "Wow, things changed." As we will see, it's going to be a change that's going to cost people in their portfolios and in their retirement habits."

The 1981 got my attention, basically the beginning of my adult life.  I think this "watershed" "moment is worse.  There was saving in 1981 and there wasn't the aging population and grossly increasing social programs.  I am willing to bet the people best able to ride out will have a lower rate of layoffs.  I think it is going to hit the most vunerable group the hardest and to be honest, I hardly thought we had a vunerable group back in 1981.   Now there are significant numbers of people already struggling.


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#2) On August 09, 2008 at 10:40 AM, dwot (29.15) wrote:

Yup, my timing sucked...  I got out of university in 1991, the last time Canada had record high job losses.

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