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Slight return



October 06, 2007 – Comments (0)

Well, I killed all my bond and ultrashort reds that I could find. Whew, there were a lot of those buggers! Actually, I left SJH alive, because he's my favo-RITE! He's the most ridiculously dangerous ETF I've ever heard of (not counting CEF's like CRF and CLM). Also, I want to see what happens when an ultrashort gets hammered: I mean, what if the Russell 2000 doubles over a period of time? (Which it surely will.) Isn't -50% the inverse of a double? So wouldn't twice the inverse be -100%? I am not the best at weird math, so maybe I'm just doing that math wrong.

Anyway, I cleared up a lot of room for all the market-crushing upward-protruding digits I'm going to put on promising small caps. I'm just too impatient to wait for bond ETF's to underperform the S&P.

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