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So Politicians ~ So called economists ~ and all others



June 10, 2011 – Comments (2)

6.9 million jobs lost since the start of the  recession ~ depression.    1.7 or something  jobs returned..

 A little quick math  equals  5.2  million jobs to go until we get back ?  where did all those jobs go ?  were they real ? 

Perhaps you were lucky enough to not be affected. 

Who is to blame ?  what caused this ?   too lenient money ?  well where are we at in interest rates ?  well if you're  broke  and   hurting your looking  at  loan shark  rates.  If your too big to fail your looking at free money, heck if your some foreign  bank your looking at free money  ~  pay us back whenever or never.

Did the FED reserve  help ?  what about all those fat politicians  ~  that created the fires and now look so phoney pretending they are the solvers and solution makers.

BArney  FRANK  ~~~  Mister  DUmb DODD  ~  Nancy  P  ~   Weiner ~  oh wait he was too busy pmsing with women other than his wife...  isn't she preggo ???  hopefully not by him.

 Is it George Bushes fault still ???  oh wait  why not blame dead presidents. 

How much of the blame  falls on the buck stops here guy ?  when the buck never even comes close.

 What are the solutions ?  more regulations ?  more speaches ?  more rock star touring of foreign countries ?   debt forgiveness to these foreign countries and more free money to them to help them create jobs ?

Does anyone  really think Barack is up to the task ? 

Please do tell...


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#1) On June 10, 2011 at 11:52 AM, chk999 (99.96) wrote:

One problem is that the direct stimulus was remarkably bad at producing jobs. 

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#2) On June 10, 2011 at 12:16 PM, L0RDZ (90.34) wrote:

Stimulus does not create  real jobs...

Employers create jobs...  those who take risks, those who are scorned upon, those who are  red tapped and  sucked dry by  gov ment.

As a former employer,  oh my as to all the rules and regulations that had nothing to do with actually offering a product and service and actually being able to make a payroll.

Some would say the solution  is more so called stimulus.

Some would say more radical actions are needed for real solutions.

Ask  Barack  and he would say something clever like all that stimulus  saved   I forget how many millions of jobs he would say, he would probably pat himself on the back,  as he boards  marine one  or whatever the clever names are of the various beasts and machines he uses to board  air force one  onto the next country  he will visit.

Some would say the alternate party offers nothing much more, but the other side of the coin that really doesn't help anyone but certain well protected groups.

Well i ask these people what have you done lately ? have you even bothered to vote or do anything than complain, whine,  and whatever else  some may do only.

Where did all that stim  go ?  to Hillary Clinton's  former  public relations firms ?  advisors ?   who else  got a nice  boost with these funds ?  have you ever wondered or looked to check ?

Will you hold your elected officials responsible ?  will you do nothing.

Maybe Alstry is right for the wrong reasons.

Or maybe just maybe good people will rise forth and reclaim their country.


on a sad rainy cold day


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