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lquadland10 (< 20)

So the Fed will end QE by the end of the year.



April 15, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , JPM , AUY

Don't think so. Ops he will say there is to much deflation. Gold. Bundesbank announced it will be moving a major portion of its reserves from the US and all of its reserves from France back to Frankfurt.

On Wednesday, the Bundesbank said that it would begin moving some of the reserves, the second-largest stock in the world after that of the United States. The goal is to house more than 50 percent of German gold in Bundesbank vaults in Frankfurt by 2020, up from a little less than a third today, the bank said…

Guest Post: 11 Economic Crashes That Are Happening Right Now Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/12/2013 19:46 -0400

Yes, the price of gold is likely being pushed down by the banksters.  And yes, gold is a fantastic investment for the long-term.  But there will be times when the price of gold does fall dramatically just like we saw back in 2008.

#6 Retirement Accounts

According to Wells Fargo, the number of Americans taking loans from their 401(k) accounts has risen by 28 percent over the past year...

#10 Spanish Bankruptcies

According to Reuters, the number of Spanish companies going bankrupt has risen by 45 percent over the past year...

so when the banker gansters GS and FED comes out and say to short gold then Short the ETS gold and silver. Hold onto the other so as your house's money  you are playing with goes down you make it on shorting the stock. Then you sell the short and buy low again. Note… Central Banks, while talking down money printing and denying the presence of inflation, bought more Gold in 2012 that any year dating back to 1964. Indeed, However, since becoming net buyers of Gold in 2010, the Central Banks have been increasing their Gold purchases rapidly. So to me the Central Banks are droping the price of gold to buy more.

Now He's After Your 401(k)

You will need gold and Silver. Australia to Abandon the U.S. Dollar

Oh and again they call for United Nations Proposes New "Global Currency" they probably have one all ready. invent a successor currency that would be managed by a "Global Reserve Bank."

and a breath of fresh air.

As the Dollar breaks and the intrest rate rises very quickly all heck will break out. Just some news for you to digest.

Oh and the new false flag with the Boston Marathon bombing. Look for DHS say it was because of the cuts to their departments. I wonder if it was the illeagles they and ICE let go???????? Yep and who was the guy who shorted the market a few weeks ago???????


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