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So there's no meaningful inflation and why can't we endure some deflation ?



January 09, 2013 – Comments (0)

Real  life  episode...

I was  extremely hungry yesterday,  so I called chicken shack  and placed an order,  it came out to like 14  and some change for only one person,  ordered a wing dinner and an order of mushrooms (large size). 

Now  when I got  there and was ready to pay, the older lady ~  Cheryl I believe told me  a price of  one hundred and something dollars,  she  was messing with me,  apparently I come across easy going and not like some psycho, or maybe  she remembers me any ways,  I swear sometimes you have to kill someone just to re-establish that  you are not the one to be messed with... ummm did I say that out loud...  my bad it was what I was thinking as it just wasn't her, the guy at the  wireless place also messed with me ?  what is it with people who work at service places that just because they think they get a little familiar with you that they can play around.

Maybe I'm just being a little paranoid or sensitive, lol.

Wait what the heck was I gonna talk about...  Oh yeah,  after handing my bank card I jokingly told  Cheryl  "Hey that really wasn't my  total ?"

The conversation goes something like this: (Cheryl says)  no,  but she was  surprised by the total of 14 dollars and  started talking about how everything is becoming so expensive ( now grant you,  not long ago  I ordered the same and it was only  ten dollars?).

She had  to  question whether it made sense that she was charging  me so much for so little.

Doing simple basic math  14 compared to 10  is  a  40%  increase.

There are plenty of other real  life examples where similiar increases are apparent.  Heck  for gasoline just  watch the  marine  movie  with John Cena  made in 2006  and  you'd see gasoline prices of one dollar something...  what are you paying for gas now ??  three and a half maybe a little less if you are lucky,  heaven forbid  you need to put in  premium or  need  diesel.

So for all the talk that inflation is null or so low as to prompt  government action to increase it.

Can we please stop  the madness, its cool if you have a job or income that you can make more than inflation or  your income goes up by more than it, but for those on fixed income or low income or heck even  a  moderate income it's less than ideal.

We have been brain-washed about economic cycles ~  how there's a boom ? heck there use to be an allowance for a  bust  so as to prompt another boom,  but now a days its like they just want  boom boom boom boom boom without any  pull back.

Economist be daM***ed  oh sure the solution or part of the fix was bridge cards  for  people who probably didn't need them or shouldn't have them in addition to the ones who really do.

But bridge cards, don't pay for toilet paper, diapers,  tooth paste... unless you trade and barter.

So maybe  it's time for a change,  stop trying to control everything,  do we really need all these governmental interferrers... who are paid a pretty sum to manipulate and continue the cycle of madness  and  renewed  non prosperity.

What's wrong with some deflation,  with prices going down and not just on ridiculous non essential items like  i-pods,  lap-tops, cell phones,  but on items like  milk, cereal, bread, chicken,  red meat,  wild alaskan caught sea-food.  Fresh good for you fruits and vegetables, etc etc...

I recently  went to the store because I was out of pepsi and kroger's had a thing where you needed to buy 5 items to save 5 dollars, well to save some money I ended up spending close to forty dollars,  when I just should have spent 2 dollars to buy a  2 liter of pepsi.

Oh the insanity of it all,  I should have simply drank the beer I had or drank water.

A phrase a  woman I once knew goes something like this it could always be worse, and it could as I could still be with said woman, and instead of paying for just my meal I could instead have paid  the hundred plus dollars in order to pay for her and her kids, plus the many stragglers she  takes care of as if they were.

So I thought in my head, wtf..  is this a bad dream, when I was told my total was jokingly hundred plus dollars...

Anyways,  in case  I'm not crystal clear,   come on stop the insanity about there is no meaningful inflation...

Inflation is everywhere,  and  for those who can least afford it,  what good is cheaper gadgets when you  can't even afford mac  and cheese and some flavouring ( kool aid or some generic version of some powder you add to give water some color and flavour).

In a  previous post, I posted something about  the book movie  Hunger games,  and  apparently  in  the  story,  people would get food and items  for  every entry they would put themselves into  the  reaping  games,  one  character had  like 43 entries.

Now granted not everyone was starving, but  imagine if  your only option was to  have  your children put into a raffle entry just to get some food ~  hence  the title  ~  hunger games.

Now imagine the world watching  and seeing children die on some reality television entertainment control mechanism.

So much food goes to waste,  even among the poor,  and hungry.

A more meaningful  indicator would be  to  wipe out  poverty.   Education and  the use of funds to encourage employment that does not harm the environment or people.

Sort of oxy-moronic as most industry creates toxins,  its the ying of the yang...

The sweet to the sour...

So what is the real inflation...


It would be great if we could suddenly jump into a  star trek like future where the pursuit of money was no longer  relevant.  Than again some would think it would be great if dragons and unicorns really existed...

Now  for an totally unrelated but relevant statement to me...  as  it should be about me too...

"What does a serpent know about love?"

As it being the year of the snake...

A serpent knows that often it's bite is fatal...

Spartacus...  vengence..

Oenomaus: “What does a serpent know of love?”Ashur: “That its bite is often fatal.”


Oh the statue speaks...

Anyways... hope you enjoyed my post, if not, well  it's your own fault and acceptance is your problem.


It's not until you are close to death that you appreciate life...


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