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So where's that Apple Tablet?



June 21, 2009 – Comments (1)

The one that was supposed to simultaneously kill: the Amazon Kindle, Netbooks, all existing tablet PCs...

Seriously, there were headlines about this for weeks, then it doesn't show up, and the folks predicting the thing (along with the fictional thing's impact) just crawl back into the woodwork and pretend they never said anything?

Well, there's some of that, then there's what's kind of funny and pathetic, which is the "yeah, well, we weren't really wrong, cuz just cuz there isn't one now doesn't mean there won't be next time" Kremlinology based on the OS upgrade, and "hints" about a tablet, like this.

What's most interesting about this, to me, is the way tech and business writers who are supposed to be well informed throw their brains down the iDrain and engage in the strangest kinds of speculations, without considering the technical limitations of what they're predicting. For instance, the idea that any kind of tablet computer could replace a Kindle (oft repeated, including here at TMF in various articles) is just plain dumb, because the reasons the Kindle is popular are:

1) It does one thing very well: lets you read books

2) It has long (weeks) battery life, that no phone or computer can touch

3) The screen is why it's readable, and why it's got long battery life. And these e-ink screens are not at all suitable for computing displays (which require dozens of refreshes per second).

There are any number of other reasons an eventual iTablet -- if it ever happened -- wouldn't do what the pundits claim it will do. I don't blame them too much. I think they're just enthusiastic and ignorant. They haven't used the competing products, and therefore, they don't understand them.

As an everyday user of a real, live tablet computer, (as well as a Kindle reader) I'm well aware of the capabilities and limitations. Those who think touch screens and pen input are the end-all of applications simply haven't used them enough to understand that they're only good for certain tasks. For other tasks, a mouse and keyboard are far better. (Duh, that's why netbooks are popular in the first place. No one wants to write email by hand. A keyboard is much faster and more accurate.)

But hey, it's easy to generate clicks by making speculations about Apple, no matter how ill-informed, so don't expect to see it stop.


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#1) On June 21, 2009 at 9:03 PM, ChrisGraley (28.73) wrote:

Wait till christmas.

Except for the battery life, you gave a pretty good description.

It won't replace a tablet PC. But will be the best media device on the mobile market.


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