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alstry (< 20)

Sorry Mary.....please accept my regret



January 07, 2009 – Comments (16)

It is clear that you are not part of the Dare multiple identity crew.......

As an attorney you are trained to spot when people are lying.....and sometimes it can go too far.  When Dare told me that he had never been the East Coast, and then followed it up with this statement......

To my knowledge I have not lied to you about anything with one exception and that was really more of a mistake than an out right lie. I have been to the east coast (but do not live on it). It was late and I was tired and I mistakenly confused the east coast with the west coast (which I have never seen).

When sombody emphisizes something that shouldn't listen.

The instinct kicked in without much thought.  It was clear to me that he was lying and supported when he told you the following....

Yes. I work nights and it gets boring so I blog. I am in the same time zone as you are.

You being an East Coast girl, you can understand my confusion.

Again, please accept my applogy as your trading style mirrored Dare's and FBs almost perfectly.  Not only that, you and Dare had dozens of symbols that were exactly the same out of less 150 choices.  It was simply a confluence of coincidences that crossed in the night and blinded me in the darkness.

You are truly an extraordinary women with an instinct for stock selction that is second to none and a style right up there with some of the most experienced CAPs members.   For a women who just learned about CAPs after having surgery in November, your stock analysis is incredible....  For a woman who said on December 13th the following:

You know that I am new to this site.  I have learned much since Thanksgiving and am eagerly learning as quickly as I can (although I do wish someone would explain to me what it means to "short the market", buy short, sell short, etc and how you do this, as it seems to be popping up more often this last week). 

To doing DD and studying 10Qs two days later.....

See I have done my due diligence on this stock. Oh boy, I have really done my due diligence and am I ever glad. You have got to check this one out if you don't already know about it.

First, AE Biofuels is another of those alternate energy companies. At the moment, they produce glycerin from palm oil at a plant in Kakinada, India. They are however preparing to produce cellulosic ethanol from a plant that has been completed in Butte, Montana. Cellulosic - nice big word - means plants.

Actually the main energy produced by this particular company is a wonderful warm glow provided by reading the various pitches for underperforms from Fools on the CAPS site. They are hilarious. There is nothing like a good laugh to warm you up on a cold, rainy winter day. Forget palm oil. Read the reviews of this stock. You will not need any of the products. This stock could inspire a half hour Comedy Central Special - the Lighter Side of Ridiculous Stock Offerings. Even more ridiculous, as of this pitch, the silly stock is $.51. Not even expensive enough to use as a CAPS pick. Please don't let that keep you from checking out this stock, though. It will warm you wonderfully.

I almost forgot - the serious part of the pitch, I suppose there ought to be one. Very well. From the SEC filing Nov. 14, 2008, Form Q-10 - Revenues

"We had no revenues in either the nine months ended September 30, 2008 or September 30, 2007"

Your learning curve is second to none....especially for a woman going through so much grief in the middle of December and finding time to provide so much analysis and DD for us CAPs are truly a giving person.  I am sure you give your husband a lot.....I just hope he has enough to give back to you.

Not only that, when you raved about your experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, you blew me out of my pants to learn that only a few days earlier you had closed it out in CAPs and hid it from sly vixen, especially when you had just stated you were going to hold on to it forever.  Not only that, you have such restraint... I thought for sure Buffalo Wild Wings would have been one of your earliest picks on CAPs...but you held off for over a week....what a tease.  You are a cold hearted trading babe underneath that flowing skirt.  What confused me is that reminded me so much of FloridaBuilder....he would say something one day.....and flip flop the next in a manner that was unique to him.  In no way am I saying you are a flip fopper too, I should have known better, you are nothing like him.

Mary, you are remakable for just finding CAPs, recovering from surgery this past Thanksgiving, and going through multiple deaths in your life....for a woman who doesn't know what shorting a stock is one day and is reading 10Qs the next with solid analysis in the depths of so much distress is a woman stimulates my intellectual curiosity

You are a wonderful addition to CAPs.

Just watch out for Dare....on November 28th, Dare picked NetFlix as one of his BEST BUYS.  A few days later you coincidently green thumbed it as well saying the following:

The first of the new commercials advertise that with Netflix you can get some movies streamed to your computer in as little as 30 seconds for no extra charge. The major market share already enjoyed by Netflix will only grow with this addition. Dreams of laptops with wi-fi entertaining kids on vacations, easy no extra cost movie rental, recession-proof easy family entertainment without a cable bill - outperform

Since it was one of his Best Buys, why do you think he snubbed you and did make a comment on your recommendation?  As a matter of fact he has not commented on any of your recommendations.....don't you think that is a bit strange since you two pick so so many in common.

Take care and please accept my regret for the confusion again.


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#1) On January 07, 2009 at 10:44 PM, DaretothREdux (45.99) wrote:

I thought Mary was in the EST timezone. That's the only reason I made that comment to her. If she is in fact on the east coast, then I was merely confused. I live in KY. It's in my blog, my identity blog that I wrote to prove to you that I am not FB, and have very little knowledge of who he is outside what you have said about him. But if you must believe that I am in fact FB, then so be it. Because it will just be another point on which you are wrong.

But I am really curious as to why you still think he and I are one and the same? I have hardly no "homebuilding" stock picks because I got screwed with all the bailout crap after I started on CAPS with Daretoth (my first and only other profile and inactive). If I were FB wouldn't I have made better picks on homebuilders?

Do you think that I am FB simply because I attacked your style of blogging? Is no one else capable of attacking you? Can no one else ever disagree with you? 

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#2) On January 07, 2009 at 11:36 PM, Mary953 (85.70) wrote:

Oh wow!  Okay.  I see some confusion.  Let me give you some feedback.

First, I am probably gonna make more sense to you if you think less in terms of an "east coast girl" and more in terms of your mom as a southern type mom - a very, very fortunate wife and mom.  It just kind of puts things in the right context.  I'm flattered by the nice things said but we are trying to straighten things out here.

I reread some things I wrote and decided that blogging late at night when I am worn out is dangerous.  I just should not speak or type when my mind has gone to sleep already.  That said, I will not revisit what any of us said or didn't say from that angle (including east or west coast), but I can clear up a few things.

There are certain companies that TMF tends to discuss over and over, Pixar, Marvel, Netflix, BWLD, Dawson, CSE, Apple, Pfizer, etc.  We get overexposed to these.  I tended to start with names that I was familiar with or to read the articles on the side like 'This Stock Poised to Pop: fill in a name.  I really never looked at anybody elses' stuff until someone suggested in a comment (and not even to me) that you needed red-thumbs for bad markets.  Someone else wrote about "Dogpiling" at about that time and since I didn't know where to find "Stocks Poised to Drop"  I just grabbed a handful.  That is when my graph started acting like a yo-yo.  I've been trying to get rid of everything I don't understand since then.

I have shares of BWLD and Dawson.  I cannot seem to guess which way they are going to go compared to the S&P which makes them CAPS losers for me, but IRA winners.  On those things, I go with instinct (or in "guy" terms, what do I think it's gonna do next?)  If the S&P is helping a stock score, I take the points especially if I need some. If not, I'm finally learning to wait a bitl  Don't look for method to my madness.  There's only madness!

Selling short, etc.  I had no idea.  I was grateful to everyone who took time to tell me what it meant.  One night and I understood.  Well, actually a couple of comments and I understood what I needed most.  One - that you are betting the stock goes down and if it goes up you have to pay and pay.  Two - that one was all I really needed to know.  I had to learn the rest before that made sense, but once it did, finding out that there was no way to limit losses (I know about funds, don't want them) was enough.  The hard part was the few days of deciding to ask rather than trying to puzzle out the technical definitions on my own.

I could try to remember how I found AE Biofuels - most likely from another CAPS member blog.  What I loved was the description.  The buzz boxes were hilarious.  They just had to be shared.  There is nothing like a good laugh.  Cellulose is wood fiber therefore cellulosic must have something to do with plants.  Ridiculously big word for effect.  As to the 10-Q, I have no idea what that is.  I am a reference librarian (I    will   stencil   those   words  somewhere   in   large   print)  How hard is it to look up - Google + AE Biofuels and find the most insane thing you can find and copy it, which is a company saying that they have no revenue!?!  Straight quote.

As to my very best pick which cannot be topped or duplicated, that is my husband.  He is the best choice and most wonderful man I have ever met and how I got so lucky I will never know!

Have a nice evening!


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#3) On January 07, 2009 at 11:37 PM, FleaBagger (27.54) wrote:

alstry - why does your self-worth rely so heavily on besting others and earning their admiration? In your apology post you go into meticulous detail about why you thought you had caught someone in a lie about their identity. Why does it matter so much that you would blog endlessly about people's "true" identities and multiple screen names?

Don't be afraid of being wrong. Don't be afraid of the future, or of the thoughts of others. The only thoughts that matter to your life are yours (and God's).

While we're apologizing, I am sorry for what I posted about you in my blog earlier. I need to engage you and help you, not publicly criticize you. Please accept my apology.

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#4) On January 07, 2009 at 11:44 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

But I am really curious as to why you still think he and I are one and the same? I have hardly no "homebuilding" stock picks because I got screwed with all the bailout crap after I started on CAPS with Daretoth (my first and only other profile and inactive). If I were FB wouldn't I have made better picks on homebuilders?

There are 64,873 CAPs members.

Only a certain group choose PK and OB stocks.  Even fewer if you omit gold stocks.

Of that small percentage, only 199 total players have picked AEBF.OB.

From those 199 players, 70 are All Stars.

Of the 70 All Stars....You, your other Doth, and Mary are three.  Now, what do you think the odds of that are a coincidence????

I have hardly no "homebuilding" stock picks because I got screwed with all the bailout crap after I started on CAPS with Daretoth (my first and only other profile and inactive).

You have selected the majority of possible publicly traded homebuilders.  As a percentage of total picks, your selection of homebuilders EXCEEDED floridabuilder.

You and Floridabuilder are the only two bloggers, in addition to a number of your other identies that use the tick HeHeHe....

You see, Mary never says HeHeHe......

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#5) On January 08, 2009 at 12:23 AM, Mary953 (85.70) wrote:

NO  NO   NO   NO    NO   NO  NO  NO  NO  NO  NO  NO


I came back to shut things down and you are bugging Dare now?  You are supposed to be a grown man.  You reason like one in other areas. So Act Like One. 

This is insane.  I made an assumption, false apparently that you had decided to drop this ridiculous game.  It is late, I am turning this computer off.  I hope Dare has sense enough Not to play this game with you.  I am fed up with this entire thing.   

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#6) On January 08, 2009 at 12:28 AM, awallejr (28.32) wrote:

As a fyi I tend to blog after downing a couple scotch on the rocks ;p

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#7) On January 08, 2009 at 12:39 AM, BradAllenton (31.80) wrote:

You guys are sooo lame with the back and forth. Please for the love of caps can the drama.

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#8) On January 08, 2009 at 12:56 AM, DaretothREdux (45.99) wrote:


He isn't bugging me. He genuinely believes that I am in fact someone else, and since you have your identity back now and I don't...I am sure that you will understand if I persist.


I honestly don't know how I fold AE Bio. It was probably a top market gainer one day and I look it over, and saw that it makes massive swings. As for the .PK and .OB stocks, I don't even honestly know what those stand for. But if you will look from Daretoth to DaretothREdux, you will see that I carried over some picks (the one I thought were smart picks after I got screwed on ultra shorts and the market bounce I thought to be irrational).

From those two profiles (only one is an allstar btw, the other has a score of like 4 or something), you should compare to my favorites, especially gmx, who makes the most picks of my favorites. You will see that most of the time I make the same picks (but not all the time because I do think for myself). Most of the time though when I disagree with a pick I am reluctant to pick the stock the opposite way...I think I have only done that a few times.

For the sake of getting back my identity because other people are starting to believe you, I am admitting that I am riding the coat tails of other all stars (mostly).

The picks I make on my own follow a very simple rule: companies with zero debt and P/E to match the growth. I learn how to do the P/E thing from the great Dwot and her dicussion with others about her red thumb on goggle. I learned about the no debt thing from the Gardner Brothers. I used the caps screener to find some of the picks, but many I just stumble upon.

If this was in anyway similar to FB style, then I guess I can't be too shocked that you think we are the same person. But I honestly just use common sense when picking stocks and like you I am very good at reading people, so I can often predict market swings (on some stocks) based on people's emotional response to bad news, or bailouts, or what have you.

I am also a huge fan of Ron Paul and would like to see our country return to sound money, so I was bullish on gold (which paid off better than I expected when the market continued to decline).

Other than that, feel free to ask me any other questions about who I really am. My relationship to Flordia is limited to having vacationed there a few times (my Great Grandmother lives there), and my finacee's Grand Parents are 12th generation Floridians (I think that's the word) they are descendants of Cherokee Indians who broke off from the trail of tears. I have zero knowledge of housing except what I have learned about the whole sub-prime fiasco (and the following government bailouts) and I have never even owned a home or had a mortgage myself.

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#9) On January 08, 2009 at 1:01 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


Please don't be upset.  Right  now I  figure about 20-25 active identities are the work product of one blogger.  I find that amazing.  I think I spend too much time blogging.  Imagine the energy of this person....and he comments on many of his stock selections while blogging at the same time.  It is truly facinating if you are a student of people.

As for are truly an amazing poker player.  You can play at my table anytime.  Anyone who can post the following after closing out the position a few days earlier is a babe who can play poker with the best of them:

Disclosure - I have owned Buffalo Wild Wings stock for some time but until tonight have never actually gone there to eat.

Whoa!  When I bought this stock, the final deciding point was actually the website.  It was down to two very good stocks, so I logged on to see what the consumer would see and BWLD made me want to go to the restaurant.  I figured they had some idea of their target market.

The new place has been open for about 6 months (this is the one NOT on a campus with 32,000 college students).  It is great food and sensory overload.  On one wall, my conference's football team was winning, on another, a conference basketball team was losing (bummer).  Trivia was going on a smaller screen beside the basketball (I will ask for a playmaker next time as I would have been coming in a solid second among the 12 or so players - at least until the food got there.)  Texas Hold 'Em was on another screen or two.

The food was great. Burgers, wings (okay, I have never had buffalo wings before tonite - I like them.)  And no, I wouldn't have wanted to go to a fun restaurant with lousy food.  As it was, we tried a little of several different things.  Almost all good (fries were a throw-away).

There was so much going on, it felt like being at a party.  I can't wait to go back and this time I'll bring more friends!

More Stock.   MORE STOCK!!   MORE STOCK!!!!!!!

The way you scream more more more when you are playing with nothing......I am sure your husband feels satisfied everytime.


Even though you and FB have the same initials, there is little chance you two are the case you got the idea that I thought you were part of the crew.

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#10) On January 08, 2009 at 1:09 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


You have stated the following:

1.  You have never been to Florida.

2.  You have been to Florida only once.

3.  You have vacationed there a few times.

I guess that now makes you my shitzu.....

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#11) On January 08, 2009 at 1:43 AM, DaretothREdux (45.99) wrote:

1. I stated I have never been to the east coast (and I really meant the west coast because geography has never been my strong suit).

2. I don't remember saying "once."

3. Yep. That part is true.

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#12) On January 08, 2009 at 1:45 AM, DaretothREdux (45.99) wrote:

1. I stated I have never been to the east coast (and I really meant the west coast because geography has never been my strong suit).

2. I don't remember saying "once."

3. Yep. That part is true.

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#13) On January 08, 2009 at 8:57 AM, djemonk (< 20) wrote:

I'm waiting for one of you to reveal that you are actually alstry's father and that you slept with Jessica's husband's brother, but only because he said that he had actually left Sally but the divorce papers were never signed by the judge so it was actually just an affair on a cruise ship.

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#14) On January 09, 2009 at 11:53 AM, kstarich (29.00) wrote:



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#15) On January 09, 2009 at 11:56 AM, kstarich (29.00) wrote:


I am new to blogging.  Obviosly you are not and are good at detecting blogger deception.  Thanks for the alert.

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#16) On January 09, 2009 at 12:06 PM, oversea (< 20) wrote:


this kind of drama in (alas) quite common on many sites and forums. So nothing new under the sun. This sort of bickering is interesting only under the psycological point of view, otherwise it's just a mean to increase universe's enthropy.

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