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SourceForge (LNUX) - A Second Look at Jonathan Sobel's Departure



September 14, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BBY , IBM , GKNT.DL

A Second Look at SourceForge Group President, Media Jonathan Sobel's Departure

Scott Collison is now the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at SourceForge pursuant to SourceForge's acquisition of Scott is arguably a much stronger choice in this position than was Jonathan Sobel.  I never understood why Sobel was Group Media President and not CEO but, again, it appears his passion is as General Counsel vs. CEO. 

Scott Collison is also arguably exactly what SourceForge needed. To Jonathan Sobel's credit he 1. performed a superior job in getting SourceForge to the acquisition and 2. effectively turned over his position to an arguably superior candidate given Collison's laser focus on open source and representing arguably [the] best crown-jewel open source asset available to maximize's value, specifically, and LNUX shareholder value, in general.  "...[ohloh] managed to build up a community of open source software developers, encouraged cross-project communication and collaboration and perhaps most importantly in terms of commercial open source software, has provided the useful data on open source projects, contributions, developers and activity that enterprise users and vendors have been craving..." source: the 451 Group and

"...Ohloh tracks information from 3,500 code libraries on developers, users, projects, commits, and lines of code, and is also developing metrics around social activity on developer forums and on Facebook and Twitter. These metrics span a variety of dimensions, such as timme, verticals, open-source licenses, technology and API's, programming languages, IDE's, geography, and operating-system platforms.

With this data, we will suggest to marketers which projects or environments within SourceForge are likely to best match their goals and be most effective in helping them; we will target their marketing accordingly; and over time we will measure changes (both on our forge and on other forges) in the adoption and use of the products and services being marketed.

We do some targeting already, but this takes it to another level. We also hope to offer Ohloh-generated insights about our hosted projects and others' to both our audience and to our clients. SourceForge has historically surfaced only a small fraction of all the data generated on our forge. Ohloh will help us include additional data, and better analyze and show the data we already have..." source: cnet and

"...Ohloh is a social network for open source software communities. It analyzes the source code in remote version control systems in order to collect data about software and programmers. Users can set up profiles at the site which will aggregate all of the information collected by Ohloh about their participation in open source software projects. The site aims to provide useful metrics about a multitude of open source software projects and makes it easier for participants to find each other and interact...SourceForge's acquisition of Ohloh is the latest in a string of very smart moves that are rapidly turning SourceForge into the collaboration powerhouse that it originally aspired to become. The company has made an enormous turnaround after years of stagnation and is once again taking a strong position of leadership relative to its formidable new competitors..." source: ars technica. This is where Scott Collison takes over where Sobel left off.

That said, there is still a gap in SourceForge's management team with a mergers/acquisition strategist. Again, a hole Sobel left, however, again, Sobel failed to do the obvious: Perform a ThinkGeek (NASDAQ:G33K) IPO. 

Sobel departs in nine business days. Q3 ending September 30 ends in twelve business days.

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#1) On September 27, 2009 at 12:20 PM, gnulaw (49.68) wrote:

>>Scott Collison is also arguably exactly what SourceForge needed

Not only did SourceForge (LNUX) gain the talent of Scott Collison but also that of Jason Allen, who is now managing's software engineering teams and seems to also simply be a class act, and Cal Tech CS Grad, Robin Luckey. This is [exactly] what SourceForge required in establishing requisite critical intellectual bandwidth mass to unequivocally make SourceForge [the] singular World-class Open Source Repository and collaborative [Project]-driven social Networking site. Very's all up to Scott Kauffman and the LNUX BoD to optimize/monetize what they now appear to have successfully have in place with both SourceForge/ohloh/Slashdot and ThinkGeek. 

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#2) On September 27, 2009 at 12:25 PM, gnulaw (49.68) wrote:


>>Scott Collison is now the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at SourceForge pursuant to SourceForge's acquisition of

Scott is now Chief Product Officer and Head of Corporate Development at SourceForge. 

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