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SourceForge (LNUX) Website Promoting Jon Sobel as Current Group President Media as Shares Continue to Slide below 50-100-200 MA



October 28, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: IBM , BBY , GKNT.DL

SourceForge CEO Scott Kauffman is now incurring alleged SEC Rule 10b-5 violations (causation, reliance) with its latest main website theme "Unscrambling the Puzzle of Digital Marketing on the Modern Web". As of today, October 28th, the Company states: 

Per An interactive discussion with three prominent thinkers about the modern web, peer production and user generated content. Jon Sobel, SourceForge, Inc., President, Media Business. Jon Sobel leads SourceForge, Inc.'s network of Internet properties. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for CBS Interactive Media and as an executive officer of Yahoo! Inc., where he was General Counsel and Board Secretary...

Jon Sobel has not been with SourceForge since September 25th, eight days after this panel was held in New York, which I covered on this thread October 4th yet SourceForge is still maintaining Jon Sobel is the President of their Media business.

Equally troubling is Ross Turk's sarcastic outburst of laughter (2:48/5:11) as he interrupts Jon Sobel about how much the Open Source projects on dislike advertising i.e.'s means of monetizing the site...increasing shareholder value. Source: New Advertising Video,

This Company is completely out of control where [some] of its Board of Directors and most if its  Management team simply need to immediately be reigned in by FINRA, class action litigation, and dismissed for cause.

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