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Starbucks' Venti Hearts & Flowers



February 07, 2007 – Comments (0)

Ever since Starbucks said it was going to start providing more gift merchandise I've been checking out what they've got going on there. I admit, I bought some Christmas gifts at Starbucks in December... I really dug a lot of their holiday mugs, and who can't use coffee and treats?. (And I got a mug for myself on -- gulp -- sale.) Some of the stuff, I wasn't so sure about... like the clearly Starbucks-branded snow globe ornament... not too sure how that kind of thing might go over, but who knows. Maybe it was a hit. All I know is as a shareholder I'd like to check things out hoping that the merchandise seems appealing and won't have to suffer the dread MARKDOWN!

I was checking out the Valentine's Day selection today. More cute mugs, I thought those were cool. They also had these cute little "gift bags" for CDs, which seemed a pretty perfect accompaniment if someone was going to buy a CD for a gift. They had Valentine's Day cards too, which surprised me -- they were made for Starbucks by American Greetings. Yeah, I'm so lazy I'm really not above buying a card at Starbucks to avoid an extra trip to a stationery store, since I'm at Starbucks every day anyway (of course, the cards would have to be attractive). Most of the cards (I saw three styles) seemed perfectly nice for my standards anyway but one made me go, UGH... a card that said on the front, "Tall... Grande... Venti." Wha...? What's that saying, I'm not sure if my love is small, medium, or large? And of course, while I am so behind my venti drinks, I know that the confusing names for Starbucks' sizes are not only almost a Starbucks trademark but they're the butt of many jokes. (How many Starbucks' newbies have ever cried out in anguish, "I just want a SMALL!" I know I've heard it many times.)

Oh well, at least its Valentine sentiments didn't say... "I love you almost as much as my venti love for Starbucks." LOL.

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