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Stealing From The Big Banks



January 28, 2014 – Comments (2)

I have made it my life's work to tell every Wall Street secret and unveil every shady practice by the big institutions and hedge funds that screw the little investor out of money. Honestly, the stock market is built to transfer wealth from the uneducated smaller investors to the educated Wall Street elite. I strive to alert every investor who will listen so they can learn the tricks and be on the right side of the market, up or down. I truly believe it is time to even the playing field and I will continue to help smaller investors learn how to take their money back from Wall Street.

Just think about the general Wall Street rules. It is almost a joke amongst the institutions. "When the small investors pile into any stock or market, the top is in". That is honestly the truth and as soon as the small investor puts their hard earned money in the markets, they fall. Just look at the recent data that shows margin is at all time highs. What is margin? It is the amount of money being borrowed by the average investor to buy stocks. That is right folks, investors are borrowing more money than ever to be long stocks. What just happened in the last week? A big market drop. When was the last time margin was at all time highs? The year was 2007, just before the mega financial crisis. Never be part of the group. Always go in the markets when the average person is scared to go in.

There is so much data that shows the little investor always buys the tops and who always wins? Wall Street banks, hedge funds and the wealthy that get the best advice. The funny thing is, even in the rare instance Wall Street loses, like in 2007-2009, they are bailed out by the Federal Reserve. Who bailed out the small investors? Who bailed out the retirees that lost so much money they had to return to work or postpone retirement? No one...

I will dedicate every last breath I have to helping the small investors, the mom and pops profit and take back their money from Wall Street. I am Robin Hood and it is time to transfer that wealth right back.

Tip of the day: It is so simple, but as an investor you must NEVER let emotion take control of your decisions. Analysts on Wall Street will upgrade stocks when they are at their all time highs, the media will pump them, you must never chase them. Never buy a stock that is up significantly on the charts. A good example was Apple (AAPL) in 2012 when it was at $700 per share. Wall Street was pumping it non-stop with upgrades to $1,000 price targets and the media never went 10 minutes without talking about it. This creates an emotional response in an average investors mind, thinking they need to jump on board. Institutions are just waiting to sell into these buyers. Unloading and smiling all the way to their billion-Dollar profits per quarter.

Treat buying stocks like shopping at the mall or the supermarket. Only buy stocks on sale. When you go to the mall, you look for that nice, good quality pair of jeans that is on sale, marked down 25%. This is the mentality you need to use. However, most investors in the market look for stocks that are shooting up and they buy at the highs. Would you ever buy a pair of jeans that was marked up 300%? Hell no! You would go shopping for a different one. Use this same mentality and you will already be on the right road to profiting for life.

Gareth Soloway

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#1) On January 29, 2014 at 4:37 PM, YoungNGunnin2 (38.54) wrote:

Thanks for the inspirational advice guy!  Respect.

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#2) On February 03, 2014 at 8:06 AM, GirlsUnder30 (30.41) wrote:

Well said. This is defintely recommended reading! I will add that you should avoid stocks that are news driven. Always make your decisions on the numbers and keep in mind that even numbers can be unreliable (ie: Bestbuy). The link below is a page of some investing ideas:

Read the ones that interest you and recommend the ones that make the most sense to YOU to increase their visibility. A high recommendation count increses the liklihood that others will read it too.

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