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Varchild2008 (84.15)

Steel Rebounds in 264 Days (June 1st)



September 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X , SID , NUE

I'm setting up a countdown mainly because it's the only way an investor like me can keep his sanity. Steel rebounds then in 264 days.

And I'll buy and hold and see what happens.

So.... Either I'm the biggest loser or the biggest winner.

There is seriously only 1 thing keeping me from selling my shares off today...

That's that I think Wall Street is completely wrong.  Listening to Jim Cramer has made me a believer in (SID) like I've never been before.

Yes there are problems galore but what company doesn't face problems?  What company in the stock market is 100% free of problems? Not even General Mills is free of them as they have had to use price increases to offset commodity price increases.

Face it... SID's too good to bail out on.  I think we may see a Case De Pedra spinoff and the Namisa Sale does MEAN something....

Besides.... My intelligent analysis and gut feeling says I'll be the biggest loser if I don't remain strong in my convictions.  In other words I only have this to say to the Commodity Sell Off in Materials Stocks:

You're Wrong!  But I'll enjoy the ride down buying up shares nonetheless:-)

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