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Stock Market Stimulus Plan



February 12, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: KO , PEP , MNST

I've got the CAPS Score Credibility here to provide you all with a simple but effective Stock Market Stimulus Plan: 

1)  Enact INVESTOR TRANSPARENCY:   Now every individual and institutional investor must file a form to the company's stock, in advance of Buying, Holding, Selling, or Shorting, or Optioning the stock.  Otherwise you are not allowed to trade that stock. 

And any company can buy back the stock you borrowed for purposes of shorting, in order to prevent you from shorting their stock.  Oh and they buy it back for free!

2)  Provide $100 to any investor that buys up a stock.  Penalyze any investor that does anything to lower the stock price.

See?  I know the economic crisis IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! 
People whining, crying, acting like babies over C.E.O. buying Private Jets is just sickening when everyone knows that Wall Street Investors single handidly destroyed America's Economy.

3)  No one is allowed to withdraw funds from any Brockeridge Account, Mutual Fund, Money Market, or Hedge Fund or any mechanism that buys stock in the stock market. 

--->  This will help increase dramatically the Confidence level.

4)  Complete dismantling of the Federal Government will go a long way to improving the stock market and my plan will make this happen before any other step is enacted.  This will spare local and State governments to ensure there isn't total chaos and anarchy.

finally 5)  The Dollar goes back to the GOLD Standard.  That will help lower GOLD prices and when Gold Prices go down, the Stock Market goes up!

Simple....and effective... It's why I have accumulated so many CAPS points to date.

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