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Varchild2008 (83.70)

Stocks Saved/Not Saved From End of the World



May 20, 2011 – Comments (1)


1) BKS:    A last trading day of the week M&A action in BKS's favor.   Liberty Media Group rescues BKS from any potential bankruptcy issues from their bricks and mortar business problems. 


2) SNE:   Just when Sony thought they could put their hacker issues behind them, they suffer more hacker assaults against one of their subsidiaries.  Someone hacks in and steals points worth over $1,000.  Also, they had to shut down many of their websites due to an exploit discovered and shared throughout the Hack-0-sphere.


3) DPS:  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group produces bottom line and top line growth inspite of rising Gasoline and Sugar prices.  To top it off they raised their dividend in a recent announcement.


4)  GPS:    I remember walking into a GAP store recently and immediately saying, "Dear God this is awful!!!!!"   Their clothing lineup is absolute garbage.  I wouldn't wear any of it.

And I am not someone that is really all that picky... It's just they had bad color combinations, ugly looking striped shirts and well nothing worked...  I'd be embarrased to wear anything from these guys and they better go back to the Drawing Board quick!!


5) ANF:

They beat handily in their latest earnings release....GPS can learn a lot from ANF.


6) NYT:   Ford Lincoln has provided freebie New York Times subscriptions by the tens of thousands through My Ford Touch / Sync.   They last for 1 year.  What happens then?
Ok fine.. The company was *saved* for 1 year?


7) WPRT:  They have Caterpillar as one of their partners and they are saved by being at the forefront of the Natural Gas powered vehicle future.  They supply engine and fuel injection systems using Natural Gas, propane, or hydrogen.  Oh and the stock didn't sell-off with the market.


8) FEED:   AgFeed Industries is a hog feed and hog farming company that has shown an income loss of $1.5 million in their latest filing.  They are bleeding real bad with share price creating 52-week lows and in junk status.  Goes to show that investing in China isn't all BAIDU!


9) GME:  Gamestop has shown 53% growth in digital.  Not bad for a company that everyone said was going away because of Digital.  It is instead here to stay because of digital!


10) F,GM,Chrysler:   JD Power reported recently that vehicle sales so far are "DISMAL" compared to a year ago.  Are we entering into another Bear Market for Auto-Sales fueled by rising gasoline prices and food prices and a crashing Housing Market?

P.S.  DISCLOSURE:  I own a truck load of shares in GME.   I also own (F)ord.

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#1) On May 20, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Varchild2008 (83.70) wrote:

Clarification to #10:  That JD Power report of course for was this month of MAY.   Not full year.

JD Power still expecting a 13 million car sale pace....
But, I believe JD Power's report could be getting overlooked and underplayed by the market.

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