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Stockton CA...One Step Toward The Udder World



June 27, 2012 – Comments (0)

Pensioners lose their benefits....police officers, firefighters and teachers lose their jobs.......businesses don't get paid and go bankrupt.......tenants can't pay their rents.....homeowners can't pay mortgages....real estate values collapse

All because Stockton can't borrow anymore.........

Stockton, California to file for bankruptcy protection

Stockton is Greece......America would be Greece if America didn't borrow over $1.5 TRILLION dollars per year.

Italy is begging not to be Greece hoping Germany will lend it money.....but if Italy can't borrow Germany loses customers and heads down the path to Greece.....

In the end, as the industrial age collapses, the only difference between the perception of prosperity and poverty is who gets to borrow and who doesn't?

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