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Stop Analyzing Stocks...



September 29, 2010 – Comments (0)

Just read the book Atlas Shrugged and realize the game is OVER!!!!!  Wall Street and Washington are cutting off credit to anything they want to shut down and granting credit to anything they want to save....with little regard to due process or fundemental property rights.

Credit has become arbitrary.....with no rhyme or reason except for what Wall Street wants to save and what Wall Street wants to DIE.

If you are a private owner of real estate....sooner or later you will learn how low the value can go....

If you are a GM shareholder or bondholder, you were screwed.....if you are a Tesla shareholder, you have unlimited credit.....

If you are a union GM worker, your pension was saved.....if you are a non union GM worker, your pension was hosed.......

If you think about it.....all of our cities, counties, and states are the only question is which ones will Wall Street and Washington save, and which ones will DIE.....just because that is which side of the bet they had.......not for any legal, fundemental or rational reason at the end of the day.

Buffett's banks get credit....other banks don't....why, because Buffett "loaned" GS money?.....knowing that GS was the company that violated Buffett's key rule of limiting excessive executive compensation.....

At this will be interesting to see what get credit and what doesn' the end of the day we shall see who lives and who DIEs......

Will city, county and state workers DIE but Federal workers survive? 

It's all a guessing game now.....take it from someone who really knows how to analyze a business....back when businesses could be analyzed.

If you are a publicly traded doesn't matter what happens, you can borrow until the cows come home....there is an unlimited supply of credit for you and your executives.

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