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Stupid bankers making stupid loans and trades...



June 24, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: LO.DL , R , D

Ever wonder why  such an insignificant country like  Greece  has so much sway with the world ?

The story never really changes ?

Its the same tale told over and over and over again.

Its stupid bankers who have made stupid loans billion trillion dollar deals of  credit default swaps, credit default obligations,  you need a billion here you go,  you need more to repay it back, no problem, heres even some more to pay the interest.

To explain it to drug users or those street educated, its like some drug dealer loaning his crack to clients,  you don't loan crack to crack heads ?

and than when its time, they come back and get more crack ? 

I say let the bankers who did the loaning, let them be held accountable,  and lets hold the crack heads responsible,  the  gov ment.... the gov ment of  Greece...

Until they repay maybe they should be forced... to bend over and let anyone get free trips to the Greek Islands...

hopefully  they round up the bankers and shove things rather unpleasant until they find that money or handle their business without asking for free money to bail their dumb  A$$es out...

If you can't  have the first amendment...

make sure you arm yourself with the second  :)  and let the second one speak for you :-)


Salutations and best wishes





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