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Stupid doors...



April 25, 2009 – Comments (0)

This week was an interesting one.  The market showed the kind of scary volatility the seems to signal the start of something major (either major slide or major rally).  I'm not really much of a gambler, so I am not going to jump in and say that I think the market is going to....

But I will say that I have learned a lot more in the past three or four months both about the market and my personal trading/investing.  Much of that newfound knowledge came at less expense than previous lessons learned in the market.  A great deal of that newfound knowledge has come from extensive reading here at TMF and a large percentage of that reading was done or linked from a variety of members here at TMF.  So thank you to TMF for having such an open atmosphere full of a huge pool of very smart folks (both as staff and as CAPs players).

Removing the obvious personalities from the BLOGs that are out there, one can easily search for and find a wealth of information on just about any topic relating to the economy.  Political biases are evident, but that does not change the fact that one can see just about all sides of the information available.  And one does not have to be a pro to be welcomed here.  New folks and old alike are encouraged to share their knowledge and information.  Colorful metaphors are easily found throughout and the responses to those metaphors are equally colorful.  All in all, this place is both informative and entertaining.

So that this does not sound too much like shameless ass kissing. I need to explain a little about why I am happy to be a part of the TMF community.  I have had TMF memberships in the Stock Advisor, Hidden Gems, and Inside Value for about a year.  I'm shameful to admit that I did not really take full advantage of those memberships and the TMF community as a whole until last October, when I got wiped out in the market due to some rather piss poor headwork on my part.  Left with only about $600 dollars of a $30K portfolio, I decided it was time to actually listen to folks who told me to do research, more research, and then even more research before getting into any one position.  Since I had paid for entry into some of TMFs premium services, I started there and found CAPs and decided to see what it was all about.  Since then, I have managed to learn a bit more about the market, the economy, and the investing world around me.  That knowledge has helped me turn the $600 plus a few more dollars into a better than 17% return on investment since October 2008.  While that may not be a staggering figure for some of the members of the community, for me it is a validation of the knowledge I have gained and continue to grow.

So what's with the title?  Stupid doors have nothing to do with shameless plugging of this site.  While I have been growing my knowledge and watching the market bounce around this week, I managed to enjoy some of the military's medical benefits.  I accidently closed a large metal door on my hand which resulted in a torn open index finger requiring eight stitches to close back up.  And while I blame the door for not seeing that my finger was in the way, I really know it was my stupid mistake for not clearing the door of my finger in time.

At any rate, that is my BLOG entry for this week...until the next one, Fool on...

Note:  While not a gambling man, I am a bit bullish at the moment.  While I think there is great potential for the market to retest its lows from 9 March, I think we will see a volatile climb of maybe five percent or more until a major negative catalyst comes along and takes the wind out of this rally's sails.  So I think we will see a bit more run up.  But that is just my opinion...nothing I can intelligently back with analysis or professional style charts and information. 

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