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Sure, it's easy to bag on Crammer



December 20, 2006 – Comments (0)

I mean Cramer, but when he writes stuff like this, he deserves everything he gets.


"Moving on, Cramer said "the rollover in retail" was surprising to him because the products are "hot." However, the retailers aren't making any money, he said. "

What? You mean a stock that's going up can stop going up? Outrageous! Why aren't the regulators looking into this?

And as for retailers not making any money, I assume he means the stocks aren't making investors any money (this week) because retailers are currently very profitable -- at least the ones I follow. And that, in fact, is why I think we're going to see a market cruise into a bruisin. All these share buybacks suggest to me that companies are tapped out on productivity increases for now -- otherwise, why not invest in operations?

And what comes next? How about price competition for sales growth? And lower margins? And lower earnings growth, if not contraction? And then, maybe lower stock prices?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe our economic leaders can manufacture another miracle to sustain swollen valuations.

How much of your money you wanna bet on it?

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