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Take the pain now or later?



September 30, 2008 – Comments (1)

"No Pain, No gain"

When I was growing up and I did something wrong, sometimes my parents would give me a choice between a spanking or punishment. (If you dont believe in spankings please leave this post. I'd rather not deal with the nonsense.)  The spanking meant short term pain, but after the spanking I still would be able return to normal life. The punishment meant that I would forgo short term pain but I wouldn't be able to watch TV or go outside and play for a month or more. Naturally I took the spanking.

I believe that we are all facing this decision right now.  America is long overdue for a correction.  That correction is manifesting itself now. We have the choice between facing the short term pain now but also recovering within a shorter period of time, or forgoing the short term pain but prolonging the punishment.  If we "let the free market work", the we will experience pain; alot of pain. But that pain will be short term. However, if we keep allowing the government and the federal reserve to interfere with the correction, we will only prolong and amplify the pain. And you know what they say,"No pain, no gain".

I dont know about you, but I'd rather get it over with...

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