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alstry (< 20)

Thanksgiving At McDonalds



November 25, 2010 – Comments (8)

Before we start....there really is no such concept of "investing" in an environment where there is no rule of law......there is only speculation on who will get bailed out or handouts, and who will not.

The fact that Buffett tells us that the only reason he is not celebrating Thanksgiving at McDonalds and Berkshire didn't go bankrupt is because he got bailed out.....while millions of Americans, not so fortunate to get such a large bailout, only wish they could have a hot meal this day confirms this perspective.

Soon, my blog will change its tone.....and Alstry will go into the clouds.  Everything about my blog will focus on humanity's transition from our current system to one driven by cloud based computing which will impact every aspect of our life...which I call the Digital Age.

Getting there will be VERY almost nothing in our current system will transition easily....but, once we get there, the world will be set on a sustainable path for generations to come...

But in the mean time.......look around....  almost everything you see will be gone......the post office and 600K postal workers.......most of the restaurants and millions of workers......most of the stores and shopping centers......schools and hospitals.......the structure of governments......what you call home........

for example...distrubution will become appears Walmart is the chosen one despite Motley Fool's attempt to convince you otherwise......our carbon footprint will drop dramatically and manufacturing of "things" will be cut back dramatically....please review the OSHA regs for next year and you will see many manufacturers simply will not be able to comply.

My guess is we will soon learn some things that shock us......and almost everything we currently know will shut down and morph into something different....

For example, ALL OF THE SONIC drive-ins will be shutting down in the Tampa Area.......all of the TGI Fridays shut down in Kansas City.....and all of the McDonalds shut down in Iceland.

Much of this will intitially be driven by an Engineered Depression around the is this depression being engineered?  Easy, by cutting off credit to a world that was dependent on credit to spend.....

The world simply borrowed too much Counterfeit Fiat money over the past ten years and was contaminated by a terminal dose toxic loans by banks and the shadow banking system.......

Why do I call it "counterfeit?".....because under the law.....when you know or have reason to know that the borrower can't pay back a loan......the loan is considered fraudulent at the inception.  Why is it fraudulent?...because it is the equivelent of counterfeiting money by creating money that can never be fully backed by satisfactory production or a reasonbable expectation for production.

When you loan just a few have a bubble...when the number morphs into tens of trillions, and hundreds of trillions of notional value including SWAPS, and infects every aspect of every have the end of a world as we know it....

Those so inclined to do the math, knew this was coming....what is unclear is who will be saved and who will not.....

Ireland is the perfect example....while borrowing, it was the Celtic Tiger.....once it was cut off of credit, its economy imploded and now its deficit is about 30% of GDP....10X the EU maximum.  As Ireland is forced to make even more cuts.......its economy will contract even further and more and more of its economy will shut down......

Right now half of our economy is government spending factoring ALL levels of government.  That spending drives a massive percentage of our private economy.  If our government was forced to cut back spending.......our economy would collapse into a massive depression almost immediately.

This process is Zombulation and its outcome is 100% certain based on current government policies....

but my guess is as Zombulation gets too painful.....and the citizens revolt and start to turn against their governments.....War will be the only choice governments have to maintain order among their populations....

in war, you work for free, are willing to make massive sacrifices, and are willing to give up EVERYTHING you have.....

if you think about it, it is the perfect segway to bring us into the Digital Age.  It will focus the population away from their own personal distress, it can provide a quick way to demolish much of the non functional Industrial Age infastructure.....and any issues we may have with overpopulation can quickly be resolved.....

When money is nothing more than paper being counterfeited by governments around the world.....and depressions are being engineered by offering credit/bailouts to only a limited chosen few......while the Industrial Age is shutting down all around you this Thanksgiving Day.....may I make this suggestion......

Run Turkey....Run

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#1) On November 25, 2010 at 10:06 AM, shushang123 wrote:

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#2) On November 25, 2010 at 10:26 AM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving, Alstry!  Yes, I agree humanity is on the brink of a transition (not sure if we're speaking of same kind, lol!) .. and I like this idea of clouds you speak of.  Everyone needs to be grounded in who they are and what they believe ... time to turn off the white noise, talking heads and firmly PLANT yourself and see how you really grow.  What a great concept to embrace on Thanksgiving.

On a side note but related to my statement above, we hear a lot of how the education system dumbs society down .. Can I recommend an EXCELLENT read for all parents raising children in today's world.  It is called "The Element" by Ken Robinson.

'The Element' is the place at which someone is doing what they love and what they're good at ... the place they are most themselves and happiest.  Robinson says we need to embrace this concept of 'the element'.  Anyway, his description on how intellegence is so much more expansive than what we learn in school ... and what we're taught in school is such a sliver of the intelligence we could potentiall tap into ... but still our society defines ourselves and our children as 'intelligent' by the grades they receive, SAT scores, etc. ... this is so limiting and there are SO MANY OTHER WAYS to measure intelligence .. for example, creative intelligence.  Anyway, I found the book eye-opening from a parent's perspective as well as from the stage I am at in life.  It's never too late to embrace your element and to get back to it.

Gotta run!  Enjoy the abundance and beauty all around you today ... ;o) 

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#3) On November 25, 2010 at 10:33 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

For an Economy drven almost EXCLUSIVELY by government spending and borrowing.....this is what happens when credit is cut off and government must cut back spending....

MetroWest Medical Center - 50

Declining patient volume combined with a need to keep pricing competitive led to the decision, according to Soran...."Lower reimbursements combined with lower volume leads to a necessity of cutting costs," Soran said.

Thomas Hospital - 20

Two months after Thomas Hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary, hospital officials on Monday announced that a recent increase in uninsured patients had forced them to lay off 17 full-time employees and three part-time positions.

As many as eight fire stations throughout Contra Costa could close if voters reject a parcel tax next year, the fire chief announced Tuesday.

Contra Costa CA - Up to 8 Fire Station could Close

The Contra Costa Fire Protection District already plans to shutter half a Walnut Creek station by Jan. 1 to cope with a $12 million deficit this fiscal year...."A parcel tax is critical to the survival of the district," he told the supervisors

As more and more credit is cut off to the private receipts will implode causing massive cuts at government unless taxpayers are willing to pay everything they make in taxes....essentially work for free....

as governments are forced to cut spending, revenues to the private sector will evaporate.......causing tax receipts to implode which is where we started this little episode of Zombulation Nation......

Prepare....Don't Fear.....The Digital Age Is Near......

Only a fraction of humanity will need to work as computers take over much of our production.....

Your Paycheck is About to Shrink

New Home Sales Down 80% from the Boom

How P&G Quietly Shed 8,000 Jobs

U.S Banks to Shut 5,000 Branches as Profits Wanes with Loans : Whitney Says

How many bank branches do we need in the Digital Age?....and if you are really a we even need banks when money, which was once backed by no longer human production, because most production becomes digital?

Seriously....absent war......what will people have to do?

Lots...but not much of what they are currently doing.......and we won't need as many to do it....



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#4) On November 25, 2010 at 11:21 AM, dinodelaurentis (90.33) wrote:

"Absent war..."

You really are an optimist, aren't you alstry??!!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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#5) On November 25, 2010 at 12:52 PM, tomlongrpv (63.26) wrote:

Catchy title "Thanksgiving at McDonald's!"  But much of the comment above just taps into the aimless rage that is delaying recovery.  Prior recoveries from severe economic downturns have been fueled by government intervention.  Now, however, just as the private economy is turning around, demagogues are determined to add massive public layoffs to the suffering we had earlier.  The rationale for this is that tax cuts (in war time no less) will help us "recover" and "put us on the right track."  Just how butchering public sector services and laying off a lot of people will help the economy recover no one seems able to explain.  So when you ask the question you are labeled a "statist" or a "socialist" because those debating with you cannot apply any logic to the discussion. 

Let's hope we don't get what we deserve.  That would really be something to be thankful for. 


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#6) On November 25, 2010 at 1:28 PM, kpacnj (< 20) wrote:

Surely what we learn in school is meant to be a grounding for further learning and some of what we are taught will be "uninteresting' but not only needed but absolutely essential to fully understand and function collectively in the world.

Surely the human mind needs personal interaction to help judge possible outcomes in decision making, and grow up with a grounded sense of themselves, their morality and to develop their ethics.

 Surely the human urge to build, invent and imagine the new is excitement and pride that will not be shouldered aside by servicing what others make.

Surely our environment won't be one of living in holes in the ground along rutted paths populated only by Fedex trucks somehow still delivering Christmas goodies made somewhere else. Perhaps you will explain how where-ever-it-is escapes the CLOUD.

 Surely we need to maintain some perspective and, Alstry, don't become totally absurd with these predictions. By the way, what Buffet said had nothing to do with your view of the future in paragraphs 5 and 6, but rather in his view that who should have been "bailed out" during the crisis are those who needed a "hand-out" as a result of immoral dealings in the market by others. Furthermore he is fairminded enough to suggest that even though the "rich" suffered losses too, no bail-outs should be extended to those who could afford to survive on their own, including himself.

The concept of "Engineered Depressions" will hopefully remain bottled up in your conspritorial frame of mind!

Happy Thanksgiving, rainy with low clouds....

Good Grief!

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#7) On November 25, 2010 at 8:47 PM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

Here is a video of Sir Ken Robinson .. the author of the book The Element, I mentioned above ... speaking at TED Talks in 2006.  What's amazing how all of this is so related to what we discuss here ... and what's to come

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#8) On December 01, 2010 at 4:51 PM, SultanOfSwing (32.88) wrote:

Maybe I had more caffeine today, but this is by far the clearest, most intuitive explanation you've written to-date on Zombulation, the Digital Age and everything else Alstrynomics.

FWIW, I had a turkey leg in Disney's Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving day, but I guess that institution will be going away too.

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